Ashley McEvoy

Ashley McEvoy is Executive Vice President, Worldwide Chair, Medical Devices, Johnson & Johnson. Touching the lives of 278 million patients every year, Ashley oversees the second largest MedTech company in the world. J&J Medical Devices comprises Orthopaedics, Surgery, Cardiovascular, Stroke and Specialty Solutions, and Eye Health businesses.
Ashley has been with J&J for more than 20 years and is a passionate people and performance-based leader who has delivered above-market results and champions and advances diversity, equity and inclusion to enable forward-thinking teams who can drive industry change that achieves racial, social and health equity.

More than a year ago, COVID-19 swept across the world, sending us all into lockdown as we battled the pandemic. Today, as we gradually emerge from the impact and experiences of the past year, I am proud and inspired by how resilient we have been and our ability to find new ways of connecting with patients and customers to add value. Throughout this pandemic, we’ve been constantly challenged to rethink the delivery of care, and we now have a unique opportunity to reimagine the future of health today – whether it’s through developing meaningful innovation that drives better patient outcomes, prioritizing long-term health and wellness, or promoting health equity in underserved communities around the world. Although COVID-19 has been incredibly challenging for the healthcare system, it has also served as a remarkable catalyst for accelerating shifts in healthcare. And with respect to the medtech industry, we’ve been compelled to adapt and prioritize patients and customer needs, accelerate innovation, and find creative solutions to elevate the standard of care. The pandemic has shown us just how creative we can get when it comes to medtech. With the rapid advancement of technology, it is now possible to deliver care in novel ways and even create entirely new categories of care, ensuring that medical intervention will become smarter, less invasive, and more personalised. In fact, I’m very excited about what’s on the horizon as J&J MedTech develops an end-to-end digital ecosystem that connects technologies across the continuum of patient care. We are also doubling down on digital solutions, including digital patient engagement, telehealth, remote case management, telementoring and virtual surgeon training to reach doctors and healthcare providers around the world, and expand coverage to emerging sites of care. We recognize that digital solutions represent new ways of working in the medtech industry, and...