Brian S Williams

Brian Williams

Brian is a member of PwC's Global Healthcare Strategy team.  He advises biopharma and medical device executives on strategy and innovation. He has twenty years of investment and strategy expertise within healthcare.  Prior to joining PwC, Brian served as an executive for two health care firms, including one early stage company where he quadrupled revenues in three years, leading to a sale of the company returning 10x invested capital.  Brian also supported the growth and sale of a venture backed, biopharmaceutical data management and performance analytics firm.  Previously, he spent a decade as an investor co-founding two top decile performing private equity funds.  

Editors’ Note: This post is part of a series on Consumerisation of Care. Follow the conversation and learn from industry experts using the Twitter hashtag #mtf2014. Digital technologies are changing how companies innovate, interact and do business. Consumer industries such as retail, electronics, and telecommunications already use digital technologies to more closely connect to customers, better understand their needs, and be more responsive. As patients transition from passive care recipients to active value-seeking consumers, it is medtech’s turn to master these tools as new competitors chip away at the market. According to the 2014 PwC Global Innovation Survey , drug and device companies are placing bigger bets on innovation than other industries are. But nearly half are focusing on traditional product innovation as the top priority, rather than on service and business model innovations that could help them prove their value beyond the efficacy and safety of their drugs and devices. Leading companies are now investing in digital tools to create new revenue streams from data, optimise outcomes, and create tighter patient engagement. But as healthcare’s incumbents inch toward a value-driven world, their customers, the patient, are signaling they may not wait. A new survey by PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) found that consumers are willing to abandon traditional care venues for more affordable and convenient alternatives suggesting billions in healthcare revenue are up for grabs. Walgreen Co. President and CEO Gregory Wasson told investors at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in January 2014 that it intends to continue to grow share not only in the growing pharmacy market, but in the larger and growing healthcare space as well. With its acquisition of AllianceBoots Walgreen is unique in its global footprint and breadth of capabilities that will accelerate the consumerisation of care. Non-traditional players such as Walgreen, Samsung, Google and...