Jo Van den Broeck

Medtronic - Marketing Director EMEA - Disease State Management - Lung Health

20 years experience life science industry, combined in medical and pharmaceuticals industry

“In Medtronic, we aspire to capture patients early in their disease so they benefit from what matters most, quality of life.  In EU, more than 320’000 patient* are diagnosed with lung cancer every year. Our Lung Health vision comprises four strategic pillars, capture patients, improve diagnostics, optimize treatment and accelerate recovery.”

*LuCE Report on Lung Cancer, 2016

This blog is part of the Early Diagnosis campaign #BeFirst Early diagnosis and care can prevent illness from developing and slow disease progression. Lab tests, genetic tests, tests for chronic diseases and modern lab diagnostics can help facilitate earlier intervention and improves outcomes for patients and are increasingly valuable in informing treatment choice. Read the other blogs here: A smarter way to fight colorectal cancer , Why should we prevent cervical cancer? Because we can and Diagnosing severe hearing loss and deafness ****************************************** World Cancer Day (4 February) is an annual reminder of the heavy burden of cancer globally. We all know someone affected by this disease – a friend, a neighbour, a loved one. While outcomes are improving in many forms of the disease, the word ‘cancer’ still strikes fear in the hearts of those who hear it. Lung cancer is a case in point. The disease kills more Europeans than any other cancer. More than 250,000 citizens of the EU-28 die annually. [1] Lung cancer is often diagnosed late. [2] The impact of the disease can be curbed by diagnosing cases as early as possible – maximising the opportunity for successful surgery or treatment. 2 When diagnosed in the late stages of disease, the chances of being alive in five years’ time are not good: for those diagnosed with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer, the average five-year survival rates range from 2% to 13%. [3] The outlook is considerably better when diagnosed at stage I. Globally, most patients (58-73%) whose lung cancer is picked up in the earliest stage live longer than five years. 3 Reducing the burden Low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) lung screening can identify early stage cancer. Clinical trials have shown that 10-year survival in computed tomography CT screen-detected cancer is 88%. 3 That is...