Klaus Grunau

Co-Managing Director Hollister Europe Limited - Hollister

key to ostomy care
The terms “colostomy”, “ileostomy”, and “urostomy” are not well known terms to the general public outside of the patients who need these surgical procedures in order to survive. Ostomy care following surgery is not sexy and not easily discussed publicly, given that such surgeries involve changing the manner in which people eliminate fecal or urinary waste from their bodies.
World Ostomy day
Let’s face it – ostomy care is not something most people are keen to talk about. But that’s all the more reason we support World Ostomy Day on the 6th of October. Through our work, we often meet people who have had life-saving ostomy surgery. What never ceases to amaze us is the profound impact an ostomy can have on people’s lives. Yes, they’ve lost continence but they can also lose confidence – the confidence to work and to socialise.