Kyun Thibaut

As a hands-on trilingual Mechanical Engineer with a passion for Life Sciences and Medical Devices, Kyun Thibaut has had the opportunity to work in various companies belonging to the most high-tech industries in the world. His career has brought him to various positions such as R&D Engineer, Systems Engineer, Project Manager, Product Development Manager, Program Manager.

In 2016, driven by his passion for MedTech, he let go to his entrepreneurial spirit and launched COVARTIM, a Belgian engineering company 100% focused on Medical Devices.

Love at first sight At the age of seventeen, I was good in Math and Sciences, but I did not know what to study after secondary school. Five years later, I was going to be graduated from ULB (Brussels university) as a mechanical engineer, dedicating myself to mechanical structures and engines development. Then, through my final year thesis, it hit me: my first project in Biomedical Engineering. I was a newbie there: what is Biomedical Engineering? What does the development of this kind of products require? How to manage physiological parameters that are not programmable, very complex and varying from one person to another? It happened to be so interesting that it set me to the path of Life Sciences and Healthcare, losing all other interest to more classic mechanics. From then on, I have worked in the MedTech field dealing with very innovative and high-risk medical devices, such as active implants. What I find the most motivating and rewarding is to take part in the development of solutions that improve and save people's lives. Going further... In 2016, I started up my own Medical Devices engineering company with the goal to support manufacturers and help them succeed in their product development. Since then it has been growing up to almost ten people all specialized in research, development, quality assurance and regulatory affairs. Today we work on a very large panel of devices all presenting their own set of challenges. ... to a healthier tomorrow Looking back at the last thirteen years I am happy with what I have achieved but above all I feel lucky to have found this inspiring field where there is still so much to be done! I would like to underline the importance of promoting Biomedical Engineering studies but also teach and train students in...