Mojca Šimnic Šolinc

I am a university graduate biologist and I hold a master of Economics. I began to acquire my work experience as a nurse, immediately after finishing high school. Even before I finished my biology studies, I was employed as a Sales Representative in an international pharmaceutical company, in which I was soon assigned new areas of responsibility and gained my first experience in management and international business. My career continued in the business world and I also wanted to improve my knowledge in finance, and business administration, so I enrolled and completed my master’s degree at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana in the field of management in the health care and general economy. 

Most of my work experiences come from the global  IVD ( Boehringer Mannhaim and Roche Diagnostic) and MD industry (Kimbery Clark HC and today Tosama).

I am also active in other businesses. I was member of Board Member of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  the President of the Slovenian Association of Producers and Distributors of Medical Devices SLOMED, and from this year President of ESDREMA and one of two Presidents of MedTech Slovenija. 

In my private life, I am an active member of the diving association, in which I participate in international competitions in underwater photography. I devote my free time and experience in volunteering activities.




The next chapter in the story of Slovenia's medical technology industry has begun – and it is being co-written by leaders from the in-vitro diagnostics and medical devices sectors. SIEDMA and SLO-MED have formally merged to become MedTech Slovenia. Together, we are combining our expertise to speak for our diverse industry with one voice. In choosing our new name, MedTech Slovenia benefits from international recognition, even if we have work to do locally to build our brand. Established in 2012 and 2013, respectively, the two 'ancestors' of MedTech Slovenia represented manufacturers and distributors of IVDs and devices. Over time, we found common cause in a range of areas from access to innovation and public procurement to EU medical technology legislation and the MedTech Code. As both associations pursued a similar vision, a full merger felt like a natural step. We are stronger together. Medtech in Slovenia Slovenia's medical technology sector plays an important role in bringing advanced solutions to patients and healthcare providers. Local suppliers, working with international companies, are a key component of our market. Slovenia also has its share of indigenous companies and start-ups, some of whom build on our country's traditional strength in the textile, metal processing and electronics sector. That is why you will find producers of sanitary material and consumables (needles and catheters etc.), alongside innovative small companies working on software and electronic measuring instruments. The public sector accounts for almost 90% of the Slovenian market. While national procurement legislation is in sync with EU procurement directives, the challenge for the future is to shift away from price-based criteria in purchasing decisions. By taking a value-based approach, procurement can become an important lever for improving the quality of care while supporting the financial sustainability of healthcare systems. A shared future The birth of MedTech Slovenia...