Oba Adewunmi

Oba Adewunmi has over 15 years experience in the life sciences industry supporting product development and compliance programs as an attorney. He has helped built compliance programs both in pharmaceuticals and medical device companies. He presently supports healthcare compliance and product development at Verily (formerly Google X/Google Life Sciences). He’s focused on developing compliance programs around new business models deploying new technologies, and AI and machine learning based healthcare delivery platforms. 

Oba is an alumni of University of Pennsylvania Law School and an avid marathon runner.

Health data can transform our lives – but must be used wisely
This blog is part of the GMTCC 2018 blog series. You can follow the conversation under #GMTCC and find more details and at gmtcc.com . Check out related blogs: Swifter, Higher, Stronger: Promoting MedTech Ethics on the Global Stage, How to create and maintain an ethical culture, Global Responsibility, Global Ethics and Compliance, Global Principles for MedTech Innovation, Progress and new challenges after 10 years of collaboration, Distributors play key role in compliance and New industry code must safeguard independent medical education There is considerable hype around the potential of big data to change healthcare. Much of this is justified: large datasets and increased computing power are combining to make healthcare more personalised, more precise and more predictable. This revolution draws on the skills and knowhow of engineers, biologists, data scientists, lawyers and others, and is changing the life sciences industry in the process. However, all actors working in this space – from industry titans to newcomers with roots in the tech sector – must prioritise compliance. In particular, it is essential that we take data privacy seriously. From the R&D stage through to direct consumer interactions, we must think carefully about how we collect, store and use data. That is why security and privacy by design are essential to companies like Verily. The company’s history as the life sciences division of Google means data security is woven into its DNA. Indeed, Verily is a member of AdvaMed, and its compliance program follows highest standards of the medtech industry. Getting data privacy right We are at a crucial moment in the history of health data - we have a unique opportunity to transform the diagnosis and treatment of ill-health. Getting this right is critical to the future we envision to empower patients with the information they need to stay well,...