Orsolya Küttel

Orsolya joined MedTech Europe in September 2018 as Market Data Officer.

She has two years of experience in the field of EU funding: following a traineeship at Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission, she worked as a consultant supporting both private and public sector clients in the implementation of their business strategies linked to EU funding. During her studies she also worked as a trainee for GIRP, the European Healthcare Distribution Association.

She has Bachelor’s degrees in International Relations and International Business Economicsat Corvinus University of Budapest, and she holds a Master’s degree in European Studies at KU Leuven.

A Hungarian national, she speaks fluent English and German, and she also has a basic knowledge of French and Dutch.

‘Data-driven decision making’ has become a buzzword in policy discussions throughout the past years. On one hand, from a supply point of view, with the digital revolution we generate and have access to an ever-growing pool of data. We continuously collect and analyse information about every aspect of our life, whether personal or professional. On the other hand, from a demand point of view, data gained more and more on importance, being one of the main building blocks when it comes to data-informed strategy building. In an ideal world through collecting data and reporting facts, we can raise awareness, spread knowledge and build successful strategies which help us address crisis situations, avoid misinformation and the spread of fake news, and prevent decisions based on false or lacking information. In the activities of MedTech Europe data collection and analysis play a vital role. Our organisation has a dedicated Market Data Team in charge of various market and industry analyses. We have a long-standing collaboration with our members to accurately monitor the latest market developments and business trends in the medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics field. Furthermore, when it comes to policymaking, we must base our position on accurate data from real sources. Therefore, every year our Facts and Figures publication delivers the most relevant industry insights for every stakeholder in the medical technology sector. The publication is an annually updated report which demonstrates the significance of our industry, and our contribution to sustainable healthcare systems, economic growth, and European competitiveness on a global scale. Based on the annual data collection of the MedTech Europe Market Data Team, it presents the key indicators of our industry: market size, innovation intensity, economic impact from job creation to trade capacity, etc. In the Facts & Figures 2020 , for example, you can find out...