Sheena S. Patel

Sheena Patel – Strategic Customer Marketing Lead – Value Creation EMEA, Johnson & Johnson Medical Device Companies

Sheena supports the newly created EMEA Value Creation team at Johnson & Johnson Medical Device companies and is responsible for enhancing customer insights and ensuring the right message of Value Based Healthcare is brought to life with a variety of stakeholders. She is also responsible for the EMEA launch of CareAdvantage, Johnson & Johnson Medical’s new partnership approach.

Sheena has over 10+ years of experience in the Medical Device and Diagnostics industry with Johnson & Johnson across multiple geographies, businesses and functions.

Over the past 20 years, much has been written about hospital–industry partnerships (also known as Public–Private Partnerships or PPPs). Though they have as many champions as detractors, and there are lessons to be learned, in today’s increasingly strained healthcare systems, their potential is undeniable. Despite the importance and value of these partnerships, through our own newly-launched CareAdvantage approach and other value-based offerings, the challenge of making this relatively new mechanism work well in an already complex sector is considerable. This intricacy is what led us to partner with Hospital Healthcare Europe (HHE) on the delivery of an independent report for 2018, “Perspectives on Hospital and Industry Partnerships: The Aim of Improving Outcomes, Increasing Patient Satisfaction and Reducing Costs.” We hoped that, by providing us with direct insights from healthcare leaders and stakeholders across EMEA, the report would allow us to better understand the concerns and opportunities that are shaping today’s awareness of these partnerships. I’m pleased to say that it has done just that. Much of the study’s findings deserve close consideration but I would like to highlight three of the most well-reported insights that, to me, have resonated most clearly. A shift in perceptions Firstly, hospital–industry partnerships are increasingly seen as “a welcome addition to hospital stakeholders and healthcare system decision makers’ armamentarium. ” There is still some wariness and hesitation in working with third parties – the private sector must be able to convince healthcare providers that patient outcomes are as important tous as they are to them – but “fresh eyes that challenge current systems…are needed.” Although they are not yet fully embraced across the sector, this shift towards viewing hospital–industry partnerships as a welcome step forward is very promising. Complementary capabilities Another valuable indication from the report is that there is now a true understanding that...