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Posted on 05.10.2022

Thinking of joining an EU project? Read our top tips

The new Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) has prompted companies in the medical technology industry to think about taking part in more EU projects. For some, this is a new opportunity to build on existing experience. For others, it’s a new venture. With the right preparation, there are real benefits on offer thanks to this exciting […]

By Patrick Boisseau Director Research and Innovation, MedTech Europe

Research & Innovation

Posted on 01.07.2022

Putting medical technologies at the heart of health innovation in Europe

From robotic surgery and wearables to connected devices and AI-powered diagnostics, medical technologies are reinventing healthcare. Europe’s medtech sector is making unprecedented investments in research & innovation – and joining the Innovative Healthcare Initiative for the first time. I sense that something big is happening in healthcare research. A tectonic shift in Europe’s health innovation […]

By Patrick Boisseau Director Research and Innovation, MedTech Europe


Posted on 02.02.2021

Biobanks and medtech: an underdeveloped partnership

Unlocking academia-industry collaboration on sample collection, storage and sharing  COVID-19 has demonstrated that access to quality samples and clinical data is key to facing any healthcare challenge. Millions of people have been tested around the world, generating an enormous number of samples and patients’ data.  Of course, swabs can have a life after the results […]

By Francesco Florindi Strategy & Partnership Manager, BBMRI-ERIC


Posted on 01.10.2019

A new era for Patient-Medtech Dialogue

As Europe prepares for a new, inclusive public-private partnership in healthcare, the case for patient engagement is stronger than ever. As far back as 2012, the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) and MedTech Europe sat down to think about how we could work together more closely. We came up with the Patient-Medtech Dialogue – a forum […]

By Tanja Valentin Director External Affairs, MedTech Europe


Posted on 29.07.2019

Local and regional authorities are central in the European debate on health

Since January 2018 I am working for EUREGHA – European Regional and local health authorities– a Brussels-based association representing the interest at EU level of 15 regions coming from 10 countries across Europe. This vibrant network made me positively discover how local and regional health authorities are becoming more and more interested and engaged in […]

By Valentina Polylas Operations Manager at EUREGHA


Posted on 26.02.2019

New technologies allow decentralisation of clinical trials

Emerging technologies, innovative software and medical devices are revolutionising the healthcare industry. Decentralising clinical trial data is helping to unlock the full potential these tools by enabling people in different places to work securely on data without compromising patient privacy. One of the areas that I find most exciting is the use of predictive modelling […]

By Sorin Stircu Regional MedTech Strategist at E*HealthLine - Europe Global Office


Posted on 12.12.2018

Unlocking the power of big data – Without compromising patient privacy

Deep learning is a form of machine learning with the potential to extract meaningful information from the mountains of data generated by healthcare companies. One of the major obstacles to embracing deep learning in the world of health arises from challenges around data sharing. As we all know, while there is no shortage of patient […]

By Sorin Stircu Regional MedTech Strategist at E*HealthLine - Europe Global Office


Posted on 14.05.2018

Digital health is here – time to take the lead

How do we prepare Europe for future technologies? Technologies such as AI, robotics and precision medicine are a mix of challenge and opportunity. But how can we prepare for this new era of tech in the healthcare sector? Modern technologies have immense potential to improve health through promotion, prevention and protection; this represents not only […]

By Elin Mignérus Committee Member European Health Parliament


Posted on 06.07.2017

Do you know enough about the value of medical technologies in your day-to-day life?

Medtech in the limelight during June’s ‘MedTech Week’ This June, we took one week to debate with our partners across Europe the value of medical technologies to patients, healthcare systems and society at large. For the third year running, member companies and national associations came together to demonstrate the value of medtech in our day-to-day […]

By Tanja Valentin Director External Affairs, MedTech Europe