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Posted on 23.09.2021

Global approach needed to remote audits

The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives. This is no different for those of us in the medtech space where we were pushed to rethink how we work. In the process, we learned how to find robust alternatives to important processes such as physical audits. These changes also revealed the need for greater […]

By Emmett Devereux Director Government and Regulatory Affairs, Cook Medical EMEA


Posted on 06.11.2018

Celebrating 30 years of ABHI

As ABHI celebrates its 30th anniversary today, Peter Ellingworth, Chief Executive of the association discusses the past, present and future.  1.  In the 30-year history of ABHI, what have been the biggest changes? Our industry has changed significantly over the last 30 years, from being simply product based, to delivering value-based service solutions and increasingly […]

By Peter Ellingworth Chief Executive of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI)


Posted on 22.03.2018

Czech medtech: two decades of change

As CzechMed celebrates its 20th anniversary on 22 March 2018, Miroslav Palát, President of the association discusses the past, present and future Czechia was a different place in 1998 when CzechMed was established to represent the medical devices sector. Since then, the economy has grown by an average of 2.5% per year – with the […]

By Miroslav Palát President CzechMed


Posted on 28.11.2017

Celebrating 40 years of Spanish MedTech

Fenin, the Spanish medtech federation, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Founded in 1977, the year of Spain’s first democratic elections, the organisation has worked with more than 20 health ministers and seen several landmark developments. These include the establishment of the tax-funded universal National Health System (SNS), growing responsibility for health policy at regional […]

By Margarita Alfonsel Jaén Secretary General - Fenin


Posted on 21.06.2017

Making science fiction a reality, one step at a time

Stationed on the frozen planet of Hoth and injured by a wampa ice creature, Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker is submerged in a giant container of Bacta gel, miraculously healing his wounds. In Star Trek, space doctors heal wounds by pointing a machine at people with injuries. Luckily, wampa ice creatures remain firmly in the […]

By Mark Lloyd Davies J&J Senior Director, Government Affairs & Policy Medical Devices EMEA Lead

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Posted on 03.04.2013

Medical devices and in vitro diagnostics proposals: Information is Power

World Health Day approaching us on April 7th is meant to raise awareness on the endless host of hurdles that undermines our health and therefore, our quality of life. Public health is about making sure that the external factors that determine our health are governed by policies that have people’s well-being at the very heart of their mandate. EPHA, Europe’s leading NGO advocating for better health, is committed to that very principle.

This year marks EPHA’s 20th anniversary in advocating EU and European policy-makers on public health. Bringing today’s leaders to focus on people’s health is not an easy task. The medical devices and in vitro diagnostics files appropriately represent the juggling effort that advocating for public health usually turns out to be.

By Sascha Marschang Policy Coordinator for Health Systems, European Public Health Alliance