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Posted on 01.10.2019

A new era for Patient-Medtech Dialogue

As Europe prepares for a new, inclusive public-private partnership in healthcare, the case for patient engagement is stronger than ever. As far back as 2012, the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) and MedTech Europe sat down to think about how we could work together more closely. We came up with the Patient-Medtech Dialogue – a forum […]

By Tanja Valentin Director External Affairs, MedTech Europe


Posted on 06.09.2018

Patients & Medical technologies: why we must deepen our dialogue

As healthcare advocates, we know that dialogue between patients and the medical technology industry can deepen understanding between those who develop new healthcare solutions and those who use them. That is why our organisations, the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) and MedTech Europe, devised the Patient-Medtech Dialogue as a forum for regular interaction on topics of […]

By Nicola Bedlington Special Advisor at EPF


Posted on 06.09.2016

European patients call for a joint EU strategy on patient empowerment

Since the beginning, patient empowerment has been a central pillar of the European Patients’ Forum (EPF)’s vision and mission. Our aim is to promote patient-centred health systems involving patients in the decision-making and management of their condition. Following a consultation with our members, we decided to strengthen this commitment by setting up a one-year campaign […]

By Nicola Bedlington Secretary General of EPF

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Posted on 30.09.2015

Nicola Bedlington, European Patients’ Forum Secretary General, shares her views on patient empowerment

I am delighted that EPF has embarked on a one-year campaign on patient empowerment and the support that this is receiving from many health stakeholders who participated in our launch conference. When I think back to when we created EPF 12 years ago, enabling patients to become active at all levels was one of the fundamental aims for […]

By Nicola Bedlington Secretary General, European Patients Forum

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Posted on 02.12.2013

5 WHO insights into conquering the medtech mismatch

One central theme revolved around the Second World Health Organisation’s Global Forum on Medical Devices – the WHO recognises medical devices as an investment and not a cost. However, there is a mismatch between innovation of medical devices and public health needs.  677 participants from 108 countries took their pick from 28 workshops and 4 plenary sessions. Held on November 22-24th in Geneva, the event enabled academia, international organisations, industry and NGOs to gain insight from 159 presentations, 144 posters (one of which was presented by EDMA on Lab Tests Online), and 8 films. 

By Shweta Kulkarni EDMA, Communications Manager