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Posted on 07.06.2022

Bringing down the barriers to healthcare access

COVID-19 has changed healthcare industry forever. The unparalleled demands placed on healthcare systems have disrupted old ways and exposed cracks but also opened our eyes to new possibilities. I was so inspired to see people pulling together, refusing to give up, and our industry showing a resilience to bring innovations to the market that positively […]

By Claire Wallace President, Microbiology Specialty Diagnostic Group Thermo Fisher Scientific

Chronic conditions

Posted on 25.01.2019

Leprosy: the forgotten disease

Leprosy is the oldest known disease to humanity, but it is also one of the least understood and accepted. Contrary to popular belief, it is also a disease that is very much with us. To the public at large, leprosy is a largely forgotten disease with many believing it was eliminated or consigned to the […]

By Geoff Prescott CEO at Lepra

Getting checked

Posted on 09.10.2018

Eye Care Everywhere

World Sight Day, 11 Oct 2018, is an opportunity for the eye health community to come together. In the lead up to world sight day, we asked two European leaders from the NGO community “what would be the one big thing you would change in eyecare in Europe? Harmonisation for healthy eyes, a view from […]

By Fabienne Eckert ECOO Secretary General

Chronic conditions

Posted on 12.04.2018

Value-Based Health Care and chronic disease

I would like you to think about the evolution of healthcare in Europe and how it is organised. What are healthcare systems generally good at? Imagine a road accident. Frantic emergency phone calls. Flashing blue lights. Within 8 minutes emergency vehicles arrive. You hit the hospital accident and emergency ward. A crash team is ready. […]

By Tanja Valentin Director External Affairs, MedTech Europe

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Posted on 12.03.2018

Technology has transformed eye surgery – and the best is yet to come

High-tech innovation and advanced surgical techniques have transformed the field of ophthalmology, with new treatment options making surgery faster and more accurate. We speak to Professor Rudy Nuijts, a leader in the field of cataract surgery, about the radical changes he has seen and what the future may hold. How has cataract care changed since […]

By Prof. Rudy Nuijts Consultant Ophthalmologist at Maastricht UMC


Posted on 01.02.2018

Turning the Triple Aim into A Triple Win: Current Perspectives on Hospital–Industry Partnerships

Over the past 20 years, much has been written about hospital–industry partnerships (also known as Public–Private Partnerships or PPPs). Though they have as many champions as detractors, and there are lessons to be learned, in today’s increasingly strained healthcare systems, their potential is undeniable. Despite the importance and value of these partnerships, through our own […]

By Sheena S. Patel Customer Solutions Marketing Lead – Value Creation, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

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Posted on 09.10.2017

Setting our sights on better vision

The treatment options for people with vision problems have changed dramatically over the past decade. New technologies have improved outcomes, reduced patient discomfort and brought an unprecedented level of choice for patients. We spoke with Dr Kaweh Schayan-Araghi, a consultant ophthalmologist at Artemis Klinik in Germany, about the progress he has witnessed and what the […]

Getting checked

Posted on 17.07.2017

Restoring vision: we can help people to see again

People with a rare eye disease known as retinitis pigmentosa (RP) suffer a gradual loss of vision; some become completely blind. Now, an innovative new approach to treatment has given dozens of people the chance to see again. With the help of a retinal implant, special glasses and intensive training, people who were blind have […]

By Gary Finnegan Journalist, editor, author


Posted on 21.06.2017

Making science fiction a reality, one step at a time

Stationed on the frozen planet of Hoth and injured by a wampa ice creature, Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker is submerged in a giant container of Bacta gel, miraculously healing his wounds. In Star Trek, space doctors heal wounds by pointing a machine at people with injuries. Luckily, wampa ice creatures remain firmly in the […]

By Mark Lloyd Davies J&J Senior Director, Government Affairs & Policy Medical Devices EMEA Lead