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Posted on 18.11.2014

How can we approach this era of superbugs and healthcare-associated infections

Today is European Antibiotic Awareness Day. Tackling the era of superbugs should be a team sport. Physicians, companies, foundations and the MedTech industry all want to play their part.

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Posted on 25.06.2014

Should healthcare be quick fixes driven?

Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, normally develop when an area of the body is under pressure for a relatively long time. I experienced pressure ulcers first hand when I was recovering from a spontaneous spinal cord haemorrhage in 2009. My first encounter with pressure ulcers was when I spent months on end on a wheelchair with no mobility. It was a painful journey I endured as a result of quick fixes rather than established protocol.

By Hylke Sieders An avid sports fan and survivor


Posted on 19.06.2014

Superbugs: Incentivising medtech to deliver solutions

MedTech is transforming the world in which we live; we are healthier and more able than ever before. However, there are still a number of fundamental challenges that we face both locally and globally. The launch of the Longitude Prize 2014, with it’s £10 million prize fund, is seeking solutions to some of these fundamental scientific challenges. Antibiotics resistance, paralysis and dementia are on the shortlist of issues that could reap a £10m research windfall. The MedTech community has a vital and integral role to play, harnessing its power to innovate and accelerate towards the winning solutions!

By Anna Williams Lead Science and Technology Researcher

MedTech at the World Cup

Posted on 11.06.2014

The Value of MedTech at the World Cup and the Super Bowl

Tonight, Brazil and Croatia will kick off what promises to be a great month for football fans the world over. And what will make it extra special for us in the MedTech industry is that the first kick will be given by a paralysed teenager. This remarkable feat is made possible thanks to an exo-skeleton […]

By Serge Bernasconi Chief Executive Officer, MedTech Europe