Achieving health improvements inside and outside the boardroom

  • Posted on 25.06.2009

Achieving health improvements inside and outside the boardroom


Mark Grossien

Former Director Communications & External Affairs at Eucomed


A crowded room at the offices of the European Policy Center yesterday afternoon. The topic of the day is “The future of medical devices in Europe”. The distinguished panel includes Josée Hansen, Pharm. D, project leader, Priority Medical Devices/ EHT, WHO-Geneva . Ms Hansen elaborated on the project’s approach, scope and objectives. In a nutshell, PMD  identifies medical devices  as they are on the market today and maps how they can contribute to combating the global burden of disease and identifies gaps.

After Ms Hansen’s presentation,  the point  was raised in the discussion that this approach might be well-suited  for the pharmaceutical industry but in the medtech industry,  innovation happens in close collaboration with clinicians and industry.  The pacemaker  for example, one of the world’s leading products in helping to fight heart disease which was  first implanted in Europe and  then marketed in the US by a physician with an idea.  While health improvements can certainly be achieved in a  boardroom setting  one should be careful to not exclude and block other pathways . A valid point in my view.

– Mark Grossien, Director of Communications & external Affairs, Eucomed


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