Alexander Olbrechts

Director Digital Health, MedTech Europe

As the Director of Digital Health at MedTech Europe since October 2022, Alexander oversees all activities related to digital regulations impacting the medical technology sector. The primary areas of focus include artificial intelligence, data management & governance, the European Health Data Space, and cyber resilience. 

Before joining MedTech Europe, Alexander was employed by the Belgian technology association and actively participated in multiple other European associations. In addition, he held positions as a business unit manager, product manager and medical advisor in both the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. Throughout his professional career, he has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing digital health. 

Alexander holds multiple degrees in Biomedical Sciences, Medical Imaging, and Management in Healthcare. 

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Posted on 22.05.2023

A European Health Data Space for a stronger Europe

Making primary use of health data and electronic health records work for citizens and patients A fundamental belief of the medical technology sector is that the great potential of emerging technologies must be harnessed through a patient-centred approach. The main objective is to deliver high-quality patient care and provide transparent information that builds trust between […]

By Alexander Olbrechts Director Digital Health, MedTech Europe