Anna Williams

Lead Science and Technology Researcher

Anna Williams is the Lead Science and Technology Researcher on the Longitude Prize; the challenge with a £10 million prize to help solve one of the greatest issue s of our time. It is being run and developed by Nesta, with the Technology Strategy Board as launch funding partner.

Prior to Nesta Anna worked for the European Bioinformatics Institute as a member of the Communications and Policy team. Anna also conducted research to inform the preparatory phase of ELIXIR which is a pan-European life sciences infrastructure.

 Her academic research focuses on the social impact of technological development and its implications for future governance.


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Posted on 19.06.2014

Superbugs: Incentivising medtech to deliver solutions

MedTech is transforming the world in which we live; we are healthier and more able than ever before. However, there are still a number of fundamental challenges that we face both locally and globally. The launch of the Longitude Prize 2014, with it’s £10 million prize fund, is seeking solutions to some of these fundamental scientific challenges. Antibiotics resistance, paralysis and dementia are on the shortlist of issues that could reap a £10m research windfall. The MedTech community has a vital and integral role to play, harnessing its power to innovate and accelerate towards the winning solutions!

By Anna Williams Lead Science and Technology Researcher