Aris Constantinides

Co President, 2013 Healthtech Summit

Aris Constantinides is the founder and Investment Director of London-based NBGI Ventures, the only European venture capital firm investing exclusively in medical technology companies. Aris currently serves on the boards of a number of medtech companies including: Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics, 2010 Perfect Vision, Endoscopic Technologies, EOS Imaging, Dysis Medical Limited, Reverse Medical and SuperSonic Imagine. Aris started his career at Bankers Trust where he was a structurer of innovative derivative products. He has more than 14 years of experience with European venture capital and private equity, including Deutsche Bank’s and Credit Suisse First Boston’s funds. He holds Mechanical Engineering degrees from Imperial College and MIT as well as an MBA from Insead. 

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Posted on 13.06.2013

Entrepreneurs and the Current European Healthcare Landscape

The healthcare landscape is changing globally and on many levels: regulatory, economic, and technological. With the strong winds of change, entrepreneurs are increasingly required to build their companies into real, sustainable and successful high growth businesses in a much shorter time to stay viable. 

Innovation is poised to play a greater role in the evolution of the healthcare market as demographic, regulatory and financial challenges play out. Yet, new product and services concepts often struggle to gain momentum in the larger institutions. Entrepreneurs, in contrast, have the freedom to develop ideas, but are faced with limited resources that can just as easily stifle their innovations. 

By Aris Constantinides Co President, 2013 Healthtech Summit