Brian S. Williams

Director Global Healthcare Strategy PwC Consulting

Brian is a member of PwC’s Global Healthcare Strategy team.  He advises biopharma and medical device executives on strategy and innovation. He has twenty years of investment and strategy expertise within healthcare.  

Prior to joining PwC, Brian served as an executive for two health care firms, including one early stage company where he quadrupled revenues in three years, leading to a sale of the company returning 10x invested capital.  Brian also supported the growth and sale of a venture backed, biopharmaceutical data management and performance analytics firm.  Previously, he spent a decade as an investor co-founding two top decile performing private equity funds.  

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Posted on 20.01.2016

Primary Care in the New Health Economy

Global healthcare systems confound consumers and clinicians alike and cost more each year. Overall, we spend nearly US$10 trillion globally on healthcare with a wide disparity of access and outcomes.  Chronic health conditions are increasing in incidence and prevalence in developed and emerging markets, further taxing clinicians, payers and hospitals.  To serve growing populations of […]

By Brian S. Williams Director Global Healthcare Strategy PwC Consulting