Bryce Sady

Senior Consultant

Mr. Sady ran marketing and developed the 150,000+ physician panel audience of QuantiaMD and professional diabetes community on QuantiaMD, which serves the marketing needs of many global diabetes firms. Mr. Sady then went on to direct the development and implementation of a dozen mobile phone applications for diabetes patient education with leading diabetes educators and institutions. He has a patent pending on patient health information tracking, and has created numerous proprietary algorithms for the processing of diabetes data. He has been quoted in Medical Economics on mHealth applications, and won a Web Health award for work with diabetes educator Hope Warshaw. Mr. Sady has degrees from Harvard University and the University of Chicago.

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Posted on 28.08.2013

How One Diagnostic Test Can Save Billions of Euros Per Year

In the past, percussion of the abdomen, taking temperature, or tasting sugar in urine were considered diagnostic standard of care methodologies. Today, invitro diagnostics (IVD) provide additional objective biomarkers that diagnose cancer, infections, heart attacks and many other health conditions.

By Manfred Scholz Manfred Scholz, PhD, MBA, Founder, President and Principal Consultant