Chantal Vets

Senior Legal Director, Medtronic

Chantal Vets is the Senior Legal Director responsible for the Privacy Global Program at Medtronic, with over 11 years of legal and privacy experience in the medical technology industry. She works on the global level to develop, implement, and enhance a centralised corporate-wide global data protection and privacy program meeting the legal, regulatory and business requirements. In addition, through her work, she aims to further mature data stewardship models and cultural commitment to ethical data practices that enhance innovation in a compliant manner. These different responsibilities require an understanding of how to manoeuvre the regulatory landscape. To this end, Chantal actively monitors the development of privacy laws and regulations while considering their potential impact on the business model and identifying possible advocacy initiatives. Chantal has been an active member in MedTech Europe since 2015 as an alternate member of the Legal Affairs Committee, becoming a chair of the Data Protection Committee in 2017 and Vice-Chair of the Data Governance Working Group since 2022.

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Posted on 17.11.2022

Artificial Intelligence pushing the frontiers of healthcare

Working for a company that is at the frontline of digital innovation in medical technologies, I believe that with continued advances in artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled medical devices, the possibility for improving patient lives can reach an entirely new level. AI in healthcare has the potential to solve pressing challenges for European healthcare systems. However, there […]

By Chantal Vets Senior Legal Director, Medtronic

Access Regulation

Posted on 29.01.2014

“Harmonised” data protection in the EU: a new barrier to patient access to medtech?

In Europe, health data are considered so sensitive that processing them is generally prohibited in the EU, unless that processing follows specific guidelines. For example, the prohibition does not apply when sharing data is essential to providing healthcare, where those data are handled by a Healthcare Professional (HCP) subject under national law and subject to professional secrecy laws. With the rapid growth in diversity of medical technologies though, more and more medtech companies are processing health data on behalf of HCPs. 

By Chantal Vets Senior Legal Director, Medtronic