Dr. Dale Athey

Managing Director, OJ Bio

Dr. Dale Athey is CEO and Founder of OJ-Bio Ltd, a joint venture that develops a range of smartphone connected devices that enable laboratory quality testing outside of the traditional laboratory setting.  

He began his career as a clinical biochemist in the UK National Health Service, and gained then over 20 years industrial experience in the medical diagnostics industry. 
In 2002, he co-founded the nanobiotechnology company Orla Protein Technologies Ltd.

He holds a master’s degree in Clinical Biochemistry, a PhD in immunoassay from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and a MBA from the Open University, UK.

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Posted on 10.02.2016

New rapid diagnostic technology will change the way we use antibiotics

With the convergence of electronics, biology and mobile technologies, nowhere is the transformative potential of rapid point of care testing better illustrated than in the challenge to overcome antibiotic resistance. It is widely acknowledged that growing resistance to antibiotics poses a global health threat. The World Health Organisation has said that our ability to treat […]

By Dr. Dale Athey Managing Director, OJ Bio