MedTech Views Editorial Board

MedTech Views

The editorial board is composed of two MedTech Europe staff members, Marie-Hélène Lattes and Tanja Valentin.

The Editorial Board is primarily responsible for the following activities:

  • Encourage and facilitate a frank and open dialogue about medical technologies;
  • Identify key topics to include on the platform and invite key authors on these topics to submit an article; 
  • Write feature articles for the platform.

The board can be reached via [email protected]


Marie-Hélène Lattes

Marie-Hélène Lattes joined MedTech Europe in August 2015 as Communications Manager where she is responsible for leading the communications towards members, as well as supporting PA and Regulatory Affairs. She has more than 10 years of experience working with professional associations in major industries: healthcare, pharmaceutical, engineering. Her previous professional experience includes leading the World Diabetes Day campaign for the International Diabetes Federation managing the strategy, the digital aspects of the campaign as well as stakeholders’ relations and working as Communications & Consultant Manager for professional associations for the MCI Group. Marie-Hélène has a Master of Arts in International Politics from the ULB (Free University of Brussels, Belgium), a graduate degree in International Management from the ESSEC Business School (Cergy-Pontoise, France) and a Diploma in Latin American studies from the Sorbonne University (Paris, France). A French national, Marie-Hélène speaks English fluently and has a good command of Spanish. 

Tanja Valentin


Tanja joined Eucomed in September 2008 as Manager Public Affairs. She has more than 10 years experience in governmental affairs in Brussels, working at and with the EU institutions and trade association bodies. 

Previously, Tanja had worked for four years for a non-profit organisation, expanding its footprint in Brussels by increasing its network and developing consistent policies. Following this, she joined the European Parliament as the head of office of the Vice-President of the Parliament’s biggest political group. Here she had responsibility for preparing and implementing the Vice-President’s work as Chief Whip as well as drafting and negotiating various legislations on his behalf. These roles helped her understand the essential elements for having your voice heard in Brussels.

Tanja holds an Honours Degree in Economics from the University of Cologne in Germany. A German national, she is fluent in English and French.

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Getting checked

Posted on 09.10.2017

Setting our sights on better vision

The treatment options for people with vision problems have changed dramatically over the past decade. New technologies have improved outcomes, reduced patient discomfort and brought an unprecedented level of choice for patients. We spoke with Dr Kaweh Schayan-Araghi, a consultant ophthalmologist at Artemis Klinik in Germany, about the progress he has witnessed and what the […]


Posted on 23.08.2017

Feeling lost? Find your direction with the new IVD/MD regulations training

MedTech Europe and IVDR & MDR training: a contribution There has been a lot of noise in the MedTech community on the recently adopted in vitro diagnostic medical devices regulation (IVDR) and the medical devices regulation (MDR). These new regulations were some 10 years in the making, yet many details still have to be clarified […]

Tony Seidl

Posted on 06.04.2017

Incredible technologies hailed on World Parkinson’s Day

What is Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s disease is one of a group of conditions called motor system disorders. Though the cause is unknown, Parkinson’s occurs when a person’s body doesn’t produce enough of the brain chemical dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate movement and emotional responses. Worldwide, 6 million people suffer from Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s isn’t fatal, […]


Posted on 04.11.2015

Isabel Saraiva, Portuguese, has been affected by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) since 2006

My name is Isabel Saraiva. I’m Portuguese and ex-smoker. I quit smoking in April 2006 when I was diagnosed with COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. COPD is a progressive respiratory disease characterized by the obstruction of lung airflow making breathing difficult. Prevention, which means quitting smoking and access to early diagnostic, is the most important […]

IMG_4818 2

Posted on 02.09.2015

Eva Knuplez, from Slovenia, shares her experience of living with type 1 diabetes since 2011

Eva is a Slovenian young lady who, 4 years ago, has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Along with sharing her experience with diabetes, the challenges of not being able to enjoy the latest technologies, she explains her involvement in local public health campaigns especially with children to dispel the myths around diabetes and ensure […]

16947-koerperstolz-motiv-ernaehrung 2

Posted on 26.08.2015

Peter Helfrich, from Germany, explains how parenteral nutrition does not prevent you to enjoy life!

BVMED, the German national medical devices association, has initiated a campaign to raise awareness about medical devices and empowering patients to be body proud, despite having a medical device. We have translated extracts of Peter’s story as part of European MedTech Week. To view all the stories, click here. Why are you supporting the “Body pride” […]

Cajsa Lindberg1

Posted on 11.08.2015

Cajsa Lindberg, from Sweden, talks about her experience of living with diabetes

1. What medical devices are relevant to your disease area? For people with diabetes, blood glucose meters are essential to managing the disease well. Beyond that, people use either insulin pens or insulin pumps, and some also use devices that measure the blood glucose on a more continuous basis, so called continuous glucose monitors (CGM) or […]


Posted on 05.08.2015

Mary Lynne van Poelgeest Pomfret, from the Netherlands, shares her experience of patient and advocate for patients with incontinence conditions.

1. What medical devices are relevant to your disease area? There are a number of medical devices that are important for patients with incontinence conditions. Bladder installations for interstitial cystitis, neuromodulation devices help patients to address pain symptoms and catheters, are examples of the devices used. 2. Have you seen any developments in recent years in the […]

IMG_4821 2

Posted on 09.07.2015

Sandra Bršec from Croatia talks about her beautiful and satisfying life despite diabetes

I am a mother of two boys, aged 8 and 4, and I work as a finance director in a company in Croatia. I’m currently completing a PHD in finance and in my free time I enjoy traveling, riding a motorcycle, skydiving and other sport activities. I also have diabetes. I was diagnosed with diabetes […]