MedTech Views Editorial Board

MedTech Views

The editorial board is composed of two MedTech Europe staff members, Marie-Hélène Lattes and Tanja Valentin.

The Editorial Board is primarily responsible for the following activities:

  • Encourage and facilitate a frank and open dialogue about medical technologies;
  • Identify key topics to include on the platform and invite key authors on these topics to submit an article; 
  • Write feature articles for the platform.

The board can be reached via [email protected]


Marie-Hélène Lattes

Marie-Hélène Lattes joined MedTech Europe in August 2015 as Communications Manager where she is responsible for leading the communications towards members, as well as supporting PA and Regulatory Affairs. She has more than 10 years of experience working with professional associations in major industries: healthcare, pharmaceutical, engineering. Her previous professional experience includes leading the World Diabetes Day campaign for the International Diabetes Federation managing the strategy, the digital aspects of the campaign as well as stakeholders’ relations and working as Communications & Consultant Manager for professional associations for the MCI Group. Marie-Hélène has a Master of Arts in International Politics from the ULB (Free University of Brussels, Belgium), a graduate degree in International Management from the ESSEC Business School (Cergy-Pontoise, France) and a Diploma in Latin American studies from the Sorbonne University (Paris, France). A French national, Marie-Hélène speaks English fluently and has a good command of Spanish. 

Tanja Valentin


Tanja joined Eucomed in September 2008 as Manager Public Affairs. She has more than 10 years experience in governmental affairs in Brussels, working at and with the EU institutions and trade association bodies. 

Previously, Tanja had worked for four years for a non-profit organisation, expanding its footprint in Brussels by increasing its network and developing consistent policies. Following this, she joined the European Parliament as the head of office of the Vice-President of the Parliament’s biggest political group. Here she had responsibility for preparing and implementing the Vice-President’s work as Chief Whip as well as drafting and negotiating various legislations on his behalf. These roles helped her understand the essential elements for having your voice heard in Brussels.

Tanja holds an Honours Degree in Economics from the University of Cologne in Germany. A German national, she is fluent in English and French.

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Diabetes. Learning all sides of the story.

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