Gary Finnegan

Health Journalist

Gary Finnegan is a freelance journalist contributing to health and business publications. He has a BA in physiology and an MSc in science communication. He has been a magazine editor and newspaper columnist, and has written a book about China.

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Posted on 01.02.2017

We’re living longer – but can we live better?

Most Europeans born today will live into their eighties but behind that impressive statistic lie inequalities and ill-health. It’s time we focused on adding life to years instead of years to life. In 1990, life expectancy at birth was 74.1 years in Europe. Today, it’s 80.9. This is a remarkable achievement, by any measure. However, […]

By Gary Finnegan Health Journalist


Posted on 18.01.2017

‘Sin taxes’ – all stick, no carrot

Shouldn’t we be rewarded for healthy behaviour rather than repeatedly punished for being ‘bad’? Fat tax and sugar tax, duty on cigarettes and vodka – everyone can think of a ‘sin tax’ they pay from time to time. These are the penalties we pay for making unhealthy choices. The idea of sin taxes has been […]

By Gary Finnegan Health Journalist


Posted on 11.01.2017

Great expectations for 2017

As ‘thinking season’ kicks off, the focus is on how technology and big data can deliver better value healthcare to more people than ever before. January is a time for reflection, planning and predicting what lies ahead. It’s the season for assessing the mega-trends that will shape our future and working out how we will […]

By Gary Finnegan Health Journalist