George Linzer

Executive Producer, Lab Tests Online

George Linzer launched Lab Tests Online in 2001, and has served as its Executive Producer since. Prior to joining the AACC staff, he developed educational software and then co-founded a communications firm that worked primarily with the US Environmental Protection Agency, most notably on the creation and launch of the Energy Star brand. In 1994, he shifted his attention to the Internet, and consulted on e-business and content strategies for clients that included PBS, Discovery Channel, and the Western Governors University. Lab Tests Online has given him the opportunity to combine much of what he has learned along the way. 

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Digital Value

Posted on 05.07.2013

Going the extra mile – Educating Patients with Lab Tests Online

It has been my privilege to serve as Executive Producer of Lab Tests Online for the last twelve years, overseeing its launch in the United States and expansion into 16 other countries. Of course, to say I “oversaw” the launch does not quite capture the roll-up-the-sleeves intensity of those early days in 2001 when I and then-intern Ellen O’Connell worked sometimes through the night and in collaboration with our Editorial Review Board to build and develop all that became the foundation of Lab Tests Online. In those first two years, the pace was unrelenting as we continued to develop, learn, and re-develop various aspects of the site, steadily improving the content and laying the groundwork for a model that would dramatically alter the scope of our work in a few short years.

By George Linzer Executive Producer, Lab Tests Online