Ingmar de Gooijer

Director Communications, MedTech Europe

Ingmar de Gooijer has over 12 years of experience in the field of corporate communications and public affairs. He has held various leadership positions within a renowned international communications consultancy firm and was based in Japan, Singapore and the Netherlands before joining Eucomed in Brussels. Ingmar is currently also Director Communications at EDMA (European in vitro diagnostic industry association) and MedTech Europe (the alliance of European medical technology industry associations).

For multinationals, trade associations and government bodies Ingmar has developed, executed and led a variety of (international) communications programs. His largest projects were related to public affairs and lobbying, corporate reputation and (re)positioning, crisis management and cause-related marketing.

Ingmar holds a Master in Public Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He joined Eucomed in August 2010 as Director Communications and became Board Member of the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD) in July 2012.

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Don't lose the 3

Posted on 29.04.2013

The reasoning behind the “Don’t lose the 3” campaign

My journey at the European industry association Eucomed started two and a half years ago. During my interviews for the communications role I was made aware that the medtech industry was facing new European legislation and that the process was underway. Never did I expect the need for a forceful modern communications campaign. I’ve been trained professionally by a global communications consultancy firm which teaches you to be an honest devil’s advocate when advising clients. So during the last couple of years at Eucomed I’ve been able to ask many critical questions about industry’s suggestions for the new regulatory framework.

By Ingmar de Gooijer Director Communications, MedTech Europe