Lotte Steutten

Lotte M.G. Steuten

Assistant Professor, Universiteit Twente

Dr. Lotte Steutenis Associate Prof Health Technology Assessment at the University of Twente and is co-founder and director Health Economics and Reimbursement at PANAXEA, an international med tech consulting firm based in the Netherlands. She has about ten years of experience with Health Technology Assessment and Health Economics, most specifically in health economic modeling, market access and reimbursement of medical technologies. While affiliated as senior researcher with well-known health economic departments of universities in the US, UK and the Netherlands, she has published >50 papers including health economic analyses of medical technologies at various stages of the innovation lifecycle. Lotte has worked with various established med tech industries as well as for biotech start-ups, and advised organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Eucomed and national governments. She holds an MSc and a PhD (cum laude) in health sciences/economics and is a member of the Young Academy and the Young Research Council of the Netherlands.

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Business Regulation

Posted on 28.03.2012

Centralised procurement – a blessing or a curse?

Centralised procurement of medical technologies is an increasingly prevalent phenomenon in the EU, and one that all stakeholders in this field, whether for or against it, have strong opinions on. Purchasers have embraced centralised procurement as a means to drive down costs. Suppliers fiercely oppose it as it would limit market opportunities and slow down adoption of innovations. Some experts believe that centralised procurement might actually have a negative effect on quality of care in the long run, as it focuses too much on short term cash savings.

By Lotte M.G. Steuten Assistant Professor, Universiteit Twente