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Margarita Alfonsel Jaén

Secretary General - Fenin

Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Pharmacy from UCM (Complutense University of Madrid), with training in Clinical Analysis and Radio-pharmaceuticals. Her professional background combines a thirst for research and technology with extensive experience in business management and strategy.

She started out as a researcher at the Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology Research in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and in the Institute for Renewable Energy.

In 1988, she joined FENIN as Technical Director and since September 2002 she has served as Secretary General of FENIN, the highest executive position in the organisation.

She has studied Business Management in various Business Schools. She has published various articles and participates in master classes and workshops, and teaches university courses and masters programmes. Since 2007 she has served as Secretary on the Board of the Fundación Tecnología y Salud, a foundation promoted by Fenin.

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Posted on 11.12.2017

Spanish medtech: looking to the future (old top)

In its 40-year history, Fenin, the Spanish medtech federation, has seen enormous changes in Spain’s healthcare landscape. In the second part of a two-part interview, Margarita Alfonsel, General Secretary of Fenin, shares her thoughts on the future. Read part one, reflecting on Fenin’s 40-year history Q. How is Fenin working to shape the future of […]

By Margarita Alfonsel Jaén Secretary General - Fenin


Posted on 28.11.2017

Celebrating 40 years of Spanish MedTech

Fenin, the Spanish medtech federation, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Founded in 1977, the year of Spain’s first democratic elections, the organisation has worked with more than 20 health ministers and seen several landmark developments. These include the establishment of the tax-funded universal National Health System (SNS), growing responsibility for health policy at regional […]

By Margarita Alfonsel Jaén Secretary General - Fenin