Mike Kreuzer

Chairman of the Eucomed Taskforce on E-Business and Supply Chain Management (ETF)

Michael Kreuzer has worked in the medical device industry for nearly 40 years. He joined Sterilin Ltd as sales manager in the mid sixties and as head of the sales and marketing function he helped to lead the company to a position of pre eminence in the field of medical laboratory consumables. He was appointed managing director in 1983 and continued in this role until the company was merged with the laboratory glassware business of J Bibby to form Bibby Sterilin in 1989. He then became director of business development for the newly formed business. He retired from Bibby Sterilin in 1994.

Throughout his career with Sterilin and Bibby he developed a belief in the importance of trade associations and was an active participant in MEDISPA, the BLWA, SPMA and ELPA. As BLWA representative on BHTIC he was involved in 1988 in the formation of ABHI, today the lead association for the medical technology industry. After retiring from Bibby Sterilin, he became directly involved in ABHI work and today is director responsible for technical and regulatory affairs. In this role he works closely with EUCOMED, the European umbrella organisation for the industry.

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Posted on 01.04.2011

UDI, GS1, GTIN, GHTF, ETF, EHR, ISMP… What does it mean to me and to you?

Having been involved with the medical devices industry for many years, I’ve seen how the industry has evolved using innovative solutions and has constantly embraced technological developments. Recently however I had a friend on the receiving end of this technology and I hope you find his ‘patient case report’ below of interest – do note he also works in the medtech industry hence his knowledge on this subject…

By Mike Kreuzer Chairman of the Eucomed Taskforce on E-Business and Supply Chain Management (ETF)