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Mikkel Brok-Kristensen is a partner at ReD Associates, a strategy and innovation consulting firm based in the human sciences For the last ten years he has worked within health care, primarily advising MedTech and Pharma clients on new product development and go-to-market. 

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Posted on 01.04.2015

The surprising truth about succeeding with innovation

What you can learn from Coloplast’s perspective-driven approach to innovation.
Coloplast, a long established leader in ostomy and continence care, was losing its competitive edge. Despite an endless stream of new products with ever more new features in the pipeline, they kept missing their sales targets. Coloplast found that its traditional market research was only leading them further astray: the research reported that there were thousands of possible problems to solve in ostomy care—some related to the issue of leakage—but it couldn’t offer any insight into which ones mattered the most to users and why. Management knew that they needed to have a clear answer to the company’s most fundamental question: what problems are we trying to solve?