René Spronk

Trainer/Consultant with Ringholm

René Spronk has studied Informatics at the Twente University of Technology in the Netherlands. He has provided systems integration consultancy in healthcare to hundreds of healthcare provider organisations and application vendors since 1996, using a variety of interoperability standards. He has provided numerous HL7, DICOM and IHE training courses in various European countries.

He is involved as a volunteer in the activities of HL7, at the international level as well as within various European HL7 country organizations, and in IHE Europe. He was awarded with an HL7 “Volunteer of the Year” award in 2008, and was made a “HL7 Fellow” in 2011.

René is a Trainer/Consultant with Ringholm bv in the Netherlands. He can be contacted via [email protected].

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Posted on 09.12.2019

Why medtech needs to be interoperable by design

Medical technology companies have a lot to consider when developing new products: a successful device must address an unmet need, deliver value to users and the health system, meet regulatory standards, and so on. But many companies are neglecting a key issue which is becoming increasingly essential – digital technologies and connected devices must be […]

By René Spronk Trainer/Consultant with Ringholm