Rudy Mareel

Co President, 2013 Healthtech Summit

Rudy Mareel is a seasoned executive in the healthcare industry with significant strategic, operational, and change management experience in senior leadership roles and an in-depth understanding of the global healthcare market. He has held executive leadership positions of increasing responsibility at medium and large international companies.

Mr. Mareel last served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Synthon, a privately held, specialty pharmaceutical company. He was leading the organization from a European based generics company to an international specialty pharma company focused on multiple sclerosis and oncology. During his tenure at Synthon he developed and executed a globally integrated growth strategy that leveraged the company’s product portfolio and R&D capabilities while introducing a more disciplined approach to the operational and commercial side of the business and secured the financing for the company’s long-term growth strategy.

Previously, he served as President of International and Member of the Executive Leadership Team at Cardinal Health, a US-based global healthcare company providing medical products, technology and support services. Prior to joining Cardinal Health, he was an Executive Board member at Royal Numico, where he led the consolidation and launch of the company’s global clinical nutrition business and served as its first President. He began his career in healthcare at Abbott Diagnostics and Becton Dickinson, where he held leadership positions of increasing responsibility, ultimately being named Worldwide VP and General Manager of Becton Dickinson’s Immunocytometry business based in San Jose, CA, USA.

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Posted on 13.06.2013

Entrepreneurs and the Current European Healthcare Landscape

The healthcare landscape is changing globally and on many levels: regulatory, economic, and technological. With the strong winds of change, entrepreneurs are increasingly required to build their companies into real, sustainable and successful high growth businesses in a much shorter time to stay viable. 

Innovation is poised to play a greater role in the evolution of the healthcare market as demographic, regulatory and financial challenges play out. Yet, new product and services concepts often struggle to gain momentum in the larger institutions. Entrepreneurs, in contrast, have the freedom to develop ideas, but are faced with limited resources that can just as easily stifle their innovations. 

By Aris Constantinides Co President, 2013 Healthtech Summit