Sharon Higgins

Sharon Higgins

Chair, Eucomed SME Task Force

Sharon was appointed Head of Sectors in Ibec in 2013. Prior to this appointment, she was Director of the Irish Medical Devices Association (IMDA) and also served as head of the Eucomed SME Task Force. Sharon joined Ibec initially in 1996 and has held a number of other senior roles within the organisation including; Technical Directorships of Pharmachemical Ireland, the Irish Chemical Marketers Association and the Ibec Services Council. She also trained and also practiced as a Human Resources Executive. Before joining Ibec in 1996, she worked in Élan Corporation as a Validation Engineer for a number of years.

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Manufacturing13 Tracoe medical

Posted on 12.09.2012

MedTech SMEs: it’s your time to shine

You’ve heard me proclaim the importance of MedTech SMEs before on this platform and I reckon you’ll hear me again. You’ve heard me tell you that SMEs are the backbone of this industry – that as 80 plus percent of a 95 billion euro industry they are what makes the sector tick, launching innovative technology on a rolling basis and driving European healthcare forward onto a sustainable path. Well it appears I’m not the only one keen to sing the praises of our brilliant community of big thinkers. MedTech SMEs are gaining new ground in Europe as more people realise the promise they represent.

By Sharon Higgins Chair, Eucomed SME Task Force


Posted on 18.07.2011

Hear, hear! We can really help current and future medical technology SMEs to innovate!

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of the medical technology industry. Research in the medical technology industry, which typically occurs at the bedside not at the bench, is usually a result of small or micro collaborations between health professionals, academia and SMEs. This research model brings rapid innovation, which quickly tackles current and emerging medical needs. This innovation can only be good news for under-pressure European healthcare systems as there is clear evidence that more effective treatments are capable of delivering clear benefits; reduced hospital stays (with an associated reduction in cost of treatment); better outcomes, and faster rehabilitation and return to society.

By Sharon Higgins Chair, Eucomed SME Task Force