On clouds and silver linings: Leadership transition at Eucomed

  • Posted on 17.01.2012

On clouds and silver linings: Leadership transition at Eucomed

Guy Lebeau

Guy Lebeau

Chairman of the Eucomed Board

Silver linings

Most of you know that John Wilkinson has left the position of Eucomed Chief Executive at the end of last year. And even though John’s decision was announced already in June of 2011, as I write this now, more than six months later, it still feels as if he informed me of his intentions only yesterday. Fond of the Brussels bubble while at the same time being excited about the European and global perspective of the job, I am sure it was by no means an easy decision.

Under John’s leadership, Eucomed has surpassed many milestones. In only three years, all the elements for further professionalization of the association were put in place. An extensive compliance programme was set up, key people were recruited and a 5-year strategy for our industry “Contract for a Healthy Future” was put together. This document, our industry’s vision if you will, outlines how we see ourselves evolving in the next 5 years, all the while remaining committed to patient safety and marrying improved health outcomes with cost-efficiency.

And these are only a few of the developments which have taken place with John at the helm. Therefore, I think it is only appropriate to once again thank John for helping Eucomed become a truly leading industry association in Europe, and a credible and reputable discussion partner for key European officials.

In our efforts to find a suitable successor to John Wilkinson multiple options are being pursued. Meanwhile, to ensure that the momentum around Eucomed remains, and that our industry stays high on the political agenda, I am extremely pleased with the arrival of Luciano Cattani as Eucomed Chief Executive ad interim. Those of you who know the industry a bit will have heard of Luciano or maybe even shared the pleasure of meeting him.

Luciano’s long lasting career in healthcare started in HR  & Legal affairs  and rapidly evolved into general management in both the pharmaceutical (Pfizer) and medtech industry (Stryker). At Stryker he reached the role of President EMEA and Group President International. For a certain period he was also in charge of Public Affairs, with global responsibility. Within Eucomed he has served as a Board Member and as Vice Chairman.

Luciano will be holding the position of Chief Executive ad interim, and will be continuing on the path that Eucomed has taken in recent years, including executing the industry’s 5-year strategy, setting up the conference vetting system and in general demonstrating the value that our industry’s innovations bring to the table.

Together with EDMA, the European Diagnostics Manufacturers Association, Luciano will of course also work towards the establishment of the Industry Federation – the further solidification of the relationship between EDMA and Eucomed – which will allow our voice to ring louder and our message to be understood more clearly.

Change in an association such as Eucomed is inevitable and it is a hallmark of a mature, confident organisation that this transitional period is bridged as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Knowing Luciano personally, I find it very gratifying to have the peace of mind and knowledge that for the next few months, Eucomed is in the hands of a man so ingrained in, passionate about and knowledgeable on our industry.

– Guy Lebeau, Chairman of the Eucomed Board

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