Do you know enough about the value of medical technologies in your day-to-day life?

  • Posted on 06.07.2017

Do you know enough about the value of medical technologies in your day-to-day life?


Tanja Valentin

Director External Affairs, MedTech Europe


Medtech in the limelight during June’s ‘MedTech Week’

This June, we took one week to debate with our partners across Europe the value of medical technologies to patients, healthcare systems and society at large. For the third year running, member companies and national associations came together to demonstrate the value of medtech in our day-to-day life. I highly praise the enthusiastic and meaningful level of engagement and interest from industry and stakeholders alike for this year’s edition of ‘MedTech Week’.

 ‘MedTech Week’ took place this year from 19 to 23 June as part of MedTech Europe’s initiative to illustrate the mission of our industry—saving and improving people’s lives every day. I was thrilled to see the high number of national medtech associations and companies joining efforts to make this edition a very successful one. This created an extraordinary opportunity for our stakeholders to get to know and understand our sector.

 For one week, ‘MedTech Week’ was the platform where a variety of professionals from different areas met online and offline to discuss making our healthcare systems fit for the future. Experts from academia, hospitals, NGOs and caregivers put forward their vision for tomorrow’s healthcare. I am very grateful to all contributors who shared their views, be it on diabetes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], value-based healthcare, smart procurement, antimicrobial resistance or access to healthcare. Their valuable support is a step forward in putting in the spotlight ways to improve outcomes relevant for patients and other healthcare players.

Through various activities across Europe, our members generated a much-needed dialogue on how to address the acute health challenges lying ahead of us. I am convinced that a constant collaboration and willingness to explore innovative ways of delivering healthcare based on people’s needs bring us closer to sustainable and efficient healthcare systems. We gathered all activities across Europe in one place, so click here to find out what happened in your country. Also, check out our videos on the medtech industry and how medical technologies improve lives

 We are proud of the products, services and solutions that save and improve millions of lives every day. Our industry is committed to be a constructive partner to help solving tomorrow’s healthcare needs. I thank our member national associations and companies as well as our external partners for catalyzing these discussions. The wealth of ideas and activities made this edition a thriving one!

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