To innovate we must collaborate: European MedTech Week 2016

  • Posted on 08.06.2016

To innovate we must collaborate: European MedTech Week 2016


Peter Ellingworth

Chief Executive of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI)


The medical technology industry creates over half a million different products, from pacemakers and artificial hips to condoms and pregnancy tests. Despite the impact these products have on millions of people of all ages every day, medtech is still a little known and often misunderstood sector.

With European MedTech Week now in its second year, we want to change this. From 13-17 June, the MedTech sector is hosting activities across the continent to raise awareness of the industry and the life-changing innovation we invest in and provide.

MedTech Week is a chance for the entire healthcare community to discuss the future of Europe’s health and how medical technology can address current challenges and ensure more sustainable pathways of care. There is a lot that we can do. The medtech sector is at the cutting edge of research and development. It employs some of the world’s most skilled doctors, engineers, and scientists. From prevention to diagnosis, treatment and cure medtech innovations are absolutely crucial to public health and patient wellbeing.

For my part, I also see MedTech Week as an opportunity to reinforce our industry’s commitment to high ethical standards. Our sector works closely with healthcare professionals to develop new and innovative technologies that drive improvements in patient care. Commitment to a robust Code of Ethical Business Practice safeguards these important relationships. This is why MedTech Europe recently endorsed an updated ‘Code’ which applies both to device and diagnostic companies. The Code provides a clear framework for open and transparent interactions between industry and healthcare professionals, ensuring that patients can continue to benefit from these collaborations.

The medtech industry partners with all types of professionals on a daily basis so I am delighted that this year, the dedicated website for European MedTech Week will feature their perspectives, along with those of some of the patients we serve.

Last year’s MedTech Week was a resounding success. 17 companies and 10 associations in 18 European countries held events to raise awareness.

This year, we are doing more and you can join in. With our members, being national associations and companies, we have created a strong and exiting programme across Europe, including hospital and company visits, social media campaigns, press debates, and symposia and conferences with elected representatives and policymakers.

As Chair of the Eucomed National Association Network, I hope that even more national associations and their partners come on board and ensure that there is a real buzz right across Europe this June. Whilst all countries have their own individual challenges and priorities, I do believe that working together, across Europe, for one week is of enormous value. It will strengthen our community, broaden our horizons and ambitions and reinforce our relations with stakeholders at both national and European level.  I recommend medtech week to you and encourage you all to join the discussions and activities and to share the great things that are happening during the week.

Email [email protected] to learn more about how you can engage, or use the #MedTechWeek hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to share your news and stories.

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