‘Medtech Discoveries’ – come face-to-face with medical innovation

  • Posted on 07.10.2015

‘Medtech Discoveries’ – come face-to-face with medical innovation


Tanja Valentin

Director External Affairs, MedTech Europe


Big news: I am excited to announce that MedTech Europe will be holding its first interactive exhibition on the European Parliament’s esplanade next month.MedTech Discoveries’ will run from 9 to 12 November, showcasing the world of medical technologies and its value to people. Join us to find out what medtech is all about.

What does medtech do for patients?

MedTech can help to save lives and supports people with a wide range of conditions to be independent and to manage their own lives.

Medtech provides tests that allow rapid and efficient diagnosis of health conditions, as well as tests that ensure patients get the right treatment at the right time.

MedTech also consists of a wide range of devices, from disposable items that we find in hospitals and medical centres, to imaging technologies, equipment that helps avoid infections, artificial tissues and organs, pacemakers, robotics and smartphone apps – to name but a few!

Through the interactive display on the esplanade, we hope to give policy makers and our partners the opportunity to explore and learn more about medtech.

Can medtech make healthcare systems more efficient?

There is an inherent value in helping patients to lead their lives in the best way possible. On a very practical level, medtech provides cost-effective solutions that contribute to enhanced quality of life and reduced risk of adverse events.

For example, testing equipment is not just faster, but it also allows laboratories to conduct several tests using a single sample. What does that mean for the patient? Shorter waiting times for results, reduced anxiety, and fewer sample extraction procedures – all contributing to less time spent in doctors’ offices for patients and more efficient use of resources.

There are also devices today that allow people to receive their treatment and care at home. Not only does such medtech reduce the cost and discomfort of hospital stays, it gives patients more independence. That means greater opportunities for the self-management of their condition and to take an active role in society.

When it comes to innovation, where does medtech come in?

Absolutely everywhere! Not only is the pace of innovation in the medtech sector accelerating rapidly, it also manages to provide a wise investment for sustainable healthcare systems.

Innovative medical technologies now allow people to trek up mountains despite having an artificial limb, help HIV+ mothers-to-be to avoid passing on the virus to their newborns, and allow parents with diabetic children to accurately monitor blood glucose…even at a distance.

While for some of us, all of these things may be taken for granted, for patients it is thanks to medtech innovation that they can continue to pursue their passions, live independently, or simply be more comfortable day-to-day. Such value cannot be taken for granted.

Is medtech relevant for me?

This is precisely what ‘MedTech Discoveries’ wants to show – medical technology plays a role in all of our lives. It can be through a super innovative neuroprosthetic that allows a paralysed patient to move with sheer brain power. It could also be something much simpler that we appreciate in everyday life: our contact lens, our wound dressing that helps healing, our health app that shows us how we are doing during the day.

This is the really interesting aspect of the medtech sector – its stunning diversity! During MedTech Discoveries, you can make up your mind about the potential of medical technology to address the health challenges that our society is facing. Find out more here

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