Promoting diversity and innovation: European MedTech Week 2016

  • Posted on 21.04.2016

Promoting diversity and innovation: European MedTech Week 2016


Serge Bernasconi

Chief Executive Officer, MedTech Europe


Do you remember the last time you have used a medical technology product? I think a lot of people, including myself, will answer that it was quite recent. In fact, medical technology is all around us – diagnosing, monitoring and treating virtually every disease or condition.

And in the 2nd edition of the European MedTech Week from 13 to 17 of June 2016, everyone will be able to explore how medical technologies help in saving and transforming our daily lives.

What is MedTech Week?

European MedTech Week aims to raise awareness and create a conversation about medical technology. Innovative companies, national associations and stakeholders in health, including patients, professionals, and carers, will tell how devices and diagnostic tests are transforming our lives and our health.

At the first ever MedTech Week last year, we celebrated the value of medical technology via radio programmes, scientific conferences, press interviews, patient testimonials, and museum donations. You can see a summary of our 2015 activities in the MedTech Week magazine.

What will happen during MedTech Week 2016?

This year, we’ll build on the last edition’s success and promote the diversity, innovation and creativity of the sector. Together with our members, we are putting in place policy roundtables, visits to manufacturing sites, partnerships with patient groups and conversations on social media. There will also be a series of interviews with experts who will give their insights into how medical technology can care for patients and transform lives.

You can visit the new website –  – to browse all events happening across Europe during the week.

How can I get involved?

If you are a patient, health advocate, researcher, healthcare professional or stakeholder with an interest in medical devices and diagnostic tests, we want you to come on board.

You can share your stories and news with the hashtag #medtechweek on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

You can also email [email protected] to know more about how you can engage.

Join the activities of MedTech Week and I look forward to reading your stories!


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