Ramping Up the Fight Against SSIs

  • Posted on 28.06.2017

Ramping Up the Fight Against SSIs


David Leaper

Professor of Clinical Sciences and Surgery


Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) were high on the agenda at the 4th International Conference on Prevention & Infection Control (ICPIC) last week in Geneva. And it’s no surprise given the statistics – although no global registry exists to track surgical site infections, health authorities estimate that each year, one in five patients undergoing surgery acquires an infection. It is difficult to calculate the financial burden this places on health systems but NICE has suggested a cost of £700m a year in the UK. Whereas, in the US, the annual cost has been estimated to range from $3.5 billion to$10 billion. What the global cost must be is unknown, but there’s no doubt that it will be high.

And this is an epidemic that knows no boundaries – from the most advanced, specialist healthcare centers to the most basic clinics, from the elderly and infirm to the young and healthy; there is unfortunately, a very real possibility of contracting an SSI.

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