Unlocking the full potential of MedTech

  • Posted on 22.06.2016

Unlocking the full potential of MedTech


Richard Van den Broeck

Director UNAMEC, Chair of EDMA’s National Association Forum


The second European Medtech Week from 13-17 June was a platform actively leveraged by all stakeholders to discuss the potential of MedTech. 

Over 100 events took place in 18 European countries as part of MedTech Week, with the medtech industry and our various partners discussing topics that were high on their national agendas. National medtech associations and individual companies demonstrated how medical technologies save and transform peoples’ lives. It was great to see healthcare professionals and patients from very different backgrounds and regions across Europe sharing their first-hand, insightful experiences, as well as their views on what needs to change in order to improve their daily lives.  

One of the topics that was discussed in a number of countries was the role and potential of eHealth. This is a subject very close to my heart because I believe it will be a key enabler for moving healthcare in the right direction.

Based on the feedback from a range of events across Europe, we can see there seems to be strong agreement amongst all stakeholders that three important issues need to be addressed in order to use the full potential of eHealth:

– We need a safe regulatory environment for e-products and services
– We need to adapt funding schemes appropriately to allow access to e-products and e-services
– We must move forward in terms of interoperability of products, services and systems

Clear and timely action on these areas would allow eHealth to facilitate solutions to a range of healthcare challenges: using big data, embracing health apps, and deploying remote solutions in the most efficient way for the benefit of patients and doctors.

I believe this year’s European Medtech Week showed that our industry has grown up and is now a reliable and relevant partner seeking to be a responsible participant in the dialogue on shaping our future health and the future of healthcare.

I also strongly believe that this week is only a snapshot of what’s going on and that all the conversations with governments, procurers, insurers, health professionals and patients continue to grow and develop. Dialogue between all responsible stakeholders is a precondition of finding the best solutions for healthcare.

I would like to thank all partners that joined us during MedTech Week, from governments that engaged with us, to patients and healthcare professionals who shared their views! Last but not least, I would like to thank my colleagues from all our sister trade associations as well as company members who put tremendous efforts into planning and delivered so many great activities. For me, it was a great to learn so much from all of you – which is the best thing I believe one can say from a pan-European initiative like this.

Check out the MedTech Week website as well as MedTech Europe TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook accounts for more information.


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