We are MedTech: Our common mission of improving or saving patients’ lives is the most inspirational motivation

  • Posted on 01.07.2015

We are MedTech: Our common mission of improving or saving patients’ lives is the most inspirational motivation

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We are MedTech is a blog series highlighting employees of the medical technology industry and their work. Meet Ludovica Moccaldi.

As a student I envisioned myself pursuing a job that had a positive impact on people’s lives and I am proud to be able to say that I have succeeded achieving this early in my career.  I’ve found through my career that working in the MedTech industry makes you feel like you are part of something bigger, something meaningful, and something that touches people’s lives on a daily basis. Our work has a positive influence on the lives and wellbeing of thousands of patients and, in my opinion, that’s the best reward you can possibly receive. 

As a member of a health economic and reimbursement department at a major medical device manufacturer, my main responsibility is ensuring patients have access to world-class technologies. When I’m asked about what I do on a day-to-day basis, I always refer to my employers focus on ‘patient access’ instead of ‘market access.’ I do this because that’s why we collectively put every ounce of our energy and effort into our work: we want patients to have greater access to innovative technologies that can improve or save their lives.

As in other sectors, working in the MedTech industry implies overcoming certain obstacles. We are continuously referred to as one of the most innovative and dynamic sectors in Europe. In many ways, it’s difficult for the wide-range of diverse stakeholders, and even the healthcare system itself, to keep up with the fast-pace environment that innovation brings to our industry. Our role is to educate and inform the various decision makers with factual, clinical and economic data that demonstrate the benefits of new therapies. Every day, I seek to work with key decision makers, or influencers, that influence the availability of important medical technologies to patients around the world.

Informing the decision makers on the benefits of innovative therapies is a great responsibility. For example, there is still a general lack of awareness on chronic pain and heart failure and the possible treatment options for patients with these epidemic diseases that are a significant burden on health care systems around the world. Hence, my objective to raise awareness around these innovations so that more patients have access to better care, which has never been more important. That’s what motivates me and the strong team that I work with every day; we strive to create a sustainable healthcare environment that can provide access to innovation for all patients.

The importance of the MedTech industry recently took on a new meaning for me. A family member was diagnosed with a sclerosis of the aortic valve at the age of 82 and the treating physician explained that this person would probably have only one year to live, if no corrective surgery was implemented. This family member received a biological pericardial aortic valve and is enjoying a full life thanks to one of our company’s cardiac valves.

We – employees of the MedTech Industry – are all driven by a passion of doing something meaningful. Working in an intellectual stimulating environment with co-workers who share the same passion makes life easier and ensures a proper work-life balance. This industry gives me the energy I need to take care of my family and pursue my career objectives all at the same time.

Ludovica Moccaldi:

Since 2013, I’ve worked at St. Jude Medical as a Market Access Analyst on the Health Economic and Reimbursement team. In my current role, I support reimbursement activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. My main responsibility is obtaining reimbursement for approved products via health economics argumentation and public affairs activities. I’m a member of the newly created Brain Pain and Movement Disorder Working Group (BPMD WG) and I participate in the Public Affairs WG. Prior to joining St. Jude Medical, I worked as a public affairs consultant. I have Bachelor in Economics and management from Tor Vergata University in Rome and I hold a Master in Public Administration and International Institution from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. 

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