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Bertin Nahum

CEO & Founder - MedTech

Engineering graduate, National Inst. Applied Sciences, Lyon. MSc in Robotic Science, Coventry Univ., UK. Founded Medtech in 2002 after 10 years in surgical robotics. His 1st robot, BRIGIT™, was for knee surgery. Launched the ROSA™ Brain neurosurgery robot in 2009. 4th in the Canadian review Discovery Series’ Top 10 Most Revolutionary Hi-tech Entrepreneurs and Legion […]

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Claus Nielsen

Co-founder - Data for Good Foundation

Claus survived cancer and daily beats his diabetes with sweat, food and tech. He is an advocate for digital health and care technologies, and has been a thought leader convincing decision makers to embrace change. With an impressive career in Denmark, a happy and tech savvy nation, he has contributed to national and international projects, […]

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My research has two themes: low dimensional electron systems confined by microscopically inhomogeneous magnetic fields, and micromachined transmission lines that propagate electrical impulses and mimic biological nerve fibres. I have shown theoretically that spin resonance can be excited by injecting an electrical current through a magnetic field gradient and is currently seeking to detect its […]

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Prof. Rudy Nuijts

Consultant Ophthalmologist at Maastricht UMC

Prof. Rudy Nuijts is a consultant ophthalmologist at Maastricht UMC.

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