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Posted on 23.02.2010

Outsourcing R&D and the Medtech industry

In recent weeks within the pharmaceutical industry there has been much talk of both downsizing – GSK and AstraZeneca shedding 11,000 jobs – and outsourcing of research and development, with a whole range of licensing or partnership deals designed to pad out faltering product pipelines. Once again I was prompted to think about the prospect […]

By John Wilkinson Former Chief Executive of Eucomed


Posted on 12.02.2010

Clinton brings stents into the news

It is perhaps surprising how quickly coronary angioplasty has become just another everyday procedure. As someone who has seen open-heart surgery live and witnessed the trauma and hospital resource intensity of such procedures, the placing of a stent as an alternative is almost unimaginably better for both patient and the health sytem as a whole. […]

By John Wilkinson Former Chief Executive of Eucomed


Posted on 14.10.2009

John Wilkinson at AdvaMed 2009: A view on the US health reforms

A chill wind is blowing through Washington D.C. this morning and it is not just the cold front from the North blowing away the warm Autumn sun of yesterday. Yesterday, the Obama health reforms took their first step on a long and perilous road through the legislature when the Senate Finance Committee passed the preliminary […]

By John Wilkinson Former Chief Executive of Eucomed


Posted on 16.07.2009

Are we the problem or the solution?

Browsing the news pages of the web I came across an article in a journal that I am not familiar with from the USA, the grandly titled U.S. News & World Report. The report headed off on a familiar and now even more fashionable track of squarely identifying our industry as the villains of the […]

By John Wilkinson Former Chief Executive of Eucomed


Posted on 25.06.2009

Achieving health improvements inside and outside the boardroom

A crowded room at the offices of the European Policy Center yesterday afternoon. The topic of the day is “The future of medical devices in Europe”. The distinguished panel includes Josée Hansen, Pharm. D, project leader, Priority Medical Devices/ EHT, WHO-Geneva . Ms Hansen elaborated on the project’s approach, scope and objectives. In a nutshell, […]

By Mark Grossien Former Director Communications & External Affairs at Eucomed