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Posted on 13.05.2019

Are you ready to use data for good?

I’ve been working with the health system and data for decades. But when my own child developed diabetes – and I was subsequently diagnosed with the disease myself – the dysfunction of the health data ecosystem came into sharper focus than ever. On the one hand, there is a mountain of data. Citizens (those with […]

By Claus Nielsen Co-founder - Data for Good Foundation


Posted on 09.05.2019

MedTech compliance goes mainstream

By combining the GMTCC with the annual European MedTech Forum, the medtech industry is signalling that compliance is moving centre-stage, writes Nancy Travis, Vice President, International Compliance & Governance, AdvaMed For more than a decade, MedTech Europe and AdvaMed have jointly organised the key event on compliance professionals’ calendars. The Global MedTech Compliance Conference (GMTCC) […]

By Nancy Travis Vice President at AdvaMed


Posted on 03.05.2019

Digital Therapeutics from the grass roots perspective

Jessica Shull will be a speaker at the MedTech Forum on 16/5. Find more about the programme here!  Due to the makeup of our household, I am privy to the daily activities of a gang of fourteen-year-old girls. They are all, to a one, surgically attached to their mobile phones. I’ve learned from them that they […]

By Jessica Shull Strategic Adviser at the Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Pure tech

Posted on 01.04.2019

Helping medtech start-ups translate science into success

Rui Sousa will be a speaker at the MedTech Forum on 15/5. Find more about the programme here!  Your start-up could benefit from a free advice session at the MedTech Forum I meet a lot of entrepreneurs in the medical technology sector and I know that they bring a lot to the table: they are […]

By Rui Sousa Program Manager at HealthTechTab


Posted on 18.01.2018

To beat the hackers, we need to design secure medical devices

Roman Lysecky is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona. He is a speaker at the MedTech Forum 2018 and his session include: Becoming Hackproof in MedTech on Thursday 25th of January. For more information go to the MTF website and follow #MTF2018 on Twitter.               […]

By Roman Lysecky Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Arizona


Posted on 11.01.2018

The Butterfly Effect: when minute changes to our regulatory and payment systems impact the fragile medtech innovation ecosystem

Nadim Yared is President and Chief Executive Officer of CVRx and Chairman of the AdvaMed’s Board of Directors, our sister organisation in the United States. He is a speaker at the MedTech Forum 2018 and his sessions include: CEO #NOFILTER and The MedTech Europe Code as a Business Enabler, both on Thursday 25th of January. […]



Posted on 17.10.2017

It’s happiness, stupid!

Jurriaan van Rijswijk (Msc): Founder and chairman ‘Games for Health Europe’ Eindhoven, October, 5th 2017 ‘Games for Health Europe’ wants to stimulate a paradigm shift in healthcare. Consider happiness as a positive condition for good health instead of the other way around.  In healthcare, patients can be faced with considerable adversity; healthcare professionals sometimes work […]

By Jurriaan van Rijswijk Founder and Chairman


Posted on 23.08.2017

Feeling lost? Find your direction with the new IVD/MD regulations training

MedTech Europe and IVDR & MDR training: a contribution There has been a lot of noise in the MedTech community on the recently adopted in vitro diagnostic medical devices regulation (IVDR) and the medical devices regulation (MDR). These new regulations were some 10 years in the making, yet many details still have to be clarified […]


Posted on 11.01.2017

Great expectations for 2017

As ‘thinking season’ kicks off, the focus is on how technology and big data can deliver better value healthcare to more people than ever before. January is a time for reflection, planning and predicting what lies ahead. It’s the season for assessing the mega-trends that will shape our future and working out how we will […]

By Gary Finnegan Health Journalist