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The future of medtech

Posted on 18.12.2014

My MedTech predictions for 2015 and their impact on our industry

This time last year, I wrote a blogpost about the priorities MedTech Europe would be working on in 2014. This year, I’ve decided to take a different approach. Based on what I see, hear and read every day, I’ll outline what I believe to be the major medtech trends, topics and evolutions we’ll be talking […]

By Serge Bernasconi Chief Executive Officer, MedTech Europe


Posted on 26.11.2014

Let’s talk about incontinence

When it comes to speaking about diseases and their impact on patients, carers and families, we don’t normally jump at the chance to talk about incontinence. Many people are embarrassed to discuss it – whether it be from their own experience, from supporting family members suffering from it, or because it just isn’t as sexy as diabetes and cardiovascular disease (which have similar prevalence rates). But we need to talk about incontinence.

By Eszter Kacskovics Public Affairs Director SCA Hygiene Products, Incontinence Care Europe

smart pacemaker

Posted on 11.08.2014

Smart pacemaker adjusts your heartbeat with your breathing

Pacemakers help regulate slow or skipping heartbeats through electrical currents that run via leads to the heart. Since the first artificial one was implanted into Arne Larsson in 1958, modern pacemakers have become a bit smaller than the size of a matchbox, weighing around 20-50g. While current pacemakers run to a set pattern, we’re working […]

By Alain Nogaret Lecturer


Posted on 29.07.2014

Superbugs: “The physician community needs to get its act together”

The WHO has been raising the ‘threat level’ on this issue progressively each year for the last decade, with individual disease reports highlighting the emerging threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). This year’s report however highlights this pandemic like never before, demonstrating it’s global nature and its profound impact on health and economics. I’m a cardiologist and the report speaks to me – actually it screams out loud: “We need to get our act together”.

By Sameer Bansilal Attending Physician in the Mount Sinai Cardiovascular Institute

iWatch apple not so fast
Digital Value

Posted on 07.03.2014

iWatch: Not so fast Apple

The lure of wearable technology and its application to health is tremendous- so tremendous that even the richest company on the planet-Apple, can’t resist it apparently. And so goes the recent insider news that has captured the attention of people worldwide “Apple is developing software and sensors that can predict heart attacks”. Not so fast Apple, not so fast….

By Sameer Bansilal Attending Physician in the Mount Sinai Cardiovascular Institute

Salt and heart failure

Posted on 13.03.2013

Tailored Tools for Diagnosing Heart Failure

As the 2013 World Salt Awareness Week calls for “Less Salt, Please”, it may be time for Europeans to seriously consider the implications of their seasoning habits on their health, notably their heart health. Heart failure (HF) is characterised by the inability of the heart to respond to the blood flow demands of the body, a condition that is becoming increasingly common, with more than 20 million directly affected worldwide.

By Damien Gruson Head, Department of Laboratory Medicine, St-Luc University Hospital

2007-05-30 European flag

Posted on 05.09.2012

Good practice in reimbursement of cardiac implant Telemonitoring – lessons from 5 member states

This week a very interesting group of people met on the last day of the ESC Congress (European Society of Cardiology) in Munich. Representatives of the Eucomed CRM Telemonitoring Working Group, individual member companies and leading representatives of the ESC came together under the chairmanship of the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) to officially launch the White Paper “Moving towards good practice in reimbursement of CIED Telemonitoring”.

By Ralf Baldeweg Senior Manager - PwC

Global health coverage
Access Global

Posted on 14.11.2011

Making Universal Health Coverage work – Input from MedTech Industry is key

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has become a hot topic among the international health community. I am sure that for all healthcare stakeholders achieving UHC would be like a dream come true.

By Rosanna Tarricone Director Master of International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy


Posted on 17.02.2011

Who wants to save €5.6 billion? Telemonitoring and eHealth: more than fancy gadgetry

Eucomed has recently submitted remote monitoring of implantable cardiac devices as one of its four proposals to the Active and Healthy Ageing Innovation Partnership under the European Commission’s Innovation Union Strategy. Such an initiative is exactly what Europe is in need of to ensure its place at the top of the innovation ladder. Eucomed selected […]

By Markus Siebert Chair of Eucomed Cardiac Rhythm Management Telemonitoring Group