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Don't lose the 3

Posted on 29.04.2013

The reasoning behind the “Don’t lose the 3” campaign

My journey at the European industry association Eucomed started two and a half years ago. During my interviews for the communications role I was made aware that the medtech industry was facing new European legislation and that the process was underway. Never did I expect the need for a forceful modern communications campaign. I’ve been trained professionally by a global communications consultancy firm which teaches you to be an honest devil’s advocate when advising clients. So during the last couple of years at Eucomed I’ve been able to ask many critical questions about industry’s suggestions for the new regulatory framework.

By Ingmar de Gooijer Director Communications, MedTech Europe

Manufacturing13 Tracoe medical

Posted on 12.09.2012

MedTech SMEs: it’s your time to shine

You’ve heard me proclaim the importance of MedTech SMEs before on this platform and I reckon you’ll hear me again. You’ve heard me tell you that SMEs are the backbone of this industry – that as 80 plus percent of a 95 billion euro industry they are what makes the sector tick, launching innovative technology on a rolling basis and driving European healthcare forward onto a sustainable path. Well it appears I’m not the only one keen to sing the praises of our brilliant community of big thinkers. MedTech SMEs are gaining new ground in Europe as more people realise the promise they represent.

By Sharon Higgins Chair, Eucomed SME Task Force

The winner is
Business Value

Posted on 07.02.2012

Improving life, being cost-efficient and contributing to the EU’s economy – Rewarding Europe’s most innovative medtech companies

When UBM Canon decided to launch the MEDTEC EMDT Innovation Awards, the PIP implant affair was not front-page news. The organisers merely thought that the contributions made by Europe’s medical technology industry in ameliorating the human condition deserved recognition. But in the aftermath of the wall-to-wall coverage of the French breast implant scandal, it’s more important than ever to celebrate and trumpet the achievements of this remarkable industry.

By Norbert Sparrow Editor in Chief, EMDT, medtechinsider


Posted on 25.07.2011

Want to reduce healthcare spending? It’s all about looking in the right places

Just last week I was sitting in a presentation by a large Group Purchasing Organisation (GPO) which cited an Ernst & Young report in which hospitals had ranked their goals for cost savings. What struck me is how a majority of the surveyed hospitals want to reduce costs by cutting in the spending on medical devices. Why is this so striking? Because spending on medical devices, and more in particular medical device consumables, accounts for only 3% of total health expenditure, whereas spending on hospital organisation (internal processes, staff, …) accounts for 70%. So if hospitals want to reduce costs as efficiently as possible, can greater savings not be made in areas other than those that make up a minority of the total expenditure? And do we really want to slay the goose with the golden egg, the medtech industry, whose tremendous innovative capacity will be a conditio sine qua non for sustainable high quality healthcare for the citizens of Europe into the future?

By John Wilkinson Former Chief Executive of Eucomed