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Patient safety
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Posted on 13.02.2012

Why patient safety and HTA are important – for us all

Too often we, as stakeholders in health, forget about whom we are talking when we say “patients.” We talk as if the patient is somewhere far away from our discussions rather than the person with whom, about whom and for whom we are having those discussions. In reality, we are all patients – for some it’s just once a year and for others it’s every day of the year. But it’s important to remember that health policy should, theoretically, benefit all of us when it is our turn to receive healthcare – no matter what that care is.

By John Bowis Honorary President, Health First Europe


Posted on 27.01.2012

Launch of first conference vetting system: getting closer…

In October last year, Eucomed published a press release to introduce to its broader membership and stakeholders the launch of a new “Conference vetting system” in 2012. Aimed to simplify decision-making for Eucomed members by providing clear approvals on sponsorship of events, this unique initiative in our industry has already interested the media, including an article in the Financial Times.

By Aline Lautenberg MedTech Europe, General Counsel - Director Legal & Compliance


Posted on 11.01.2012

How should the EU regulatory framework change because of the PIP incidents?

Since the French authorities made their announcement just prior to Christmas, the PIP case has generated a large amount of press and political attention. Quite rightly, the main focus is on the women affected and on governments providing the right health advice and appropriate follow-up. As I am writing this posting a couple of days after we released our first statement, I understand that the European Commission is to seek an independent scientific opinion on the human health risks of silicone breast implants.

By John Brennan Director Regulations and Industrial Policy


Posted on 04.05.2011

How we in the U.S. see global compliance challenges for MedTech companies

AdvaMed and Eucomed are co-organizing the upcoming International Medical Device Industry Compliance Conference, taking place on 18-20 May in London. Both AdvaMed and Eucomed worked closely with our member companies to identify the hottest issues in medical device industry compliance today to shape a truly global, industry specific event. We also worked together to invite accomplished discussion leaders and moderators, and panel participants representing North American and European perspectives and experiences.

By Christopher White General Counsel, AdvaMed

Business Regulation

Posted on 10.01.2011

Panel-mania? The future of an advisory interpretation

Eucomed published on 23 December 2010 its first Compliance Panel recommendation on the sponsorship of third party educational conferences by Eucomed members. The Panel, an independent body of three external opinion leading experts, was appointed to help provide guidance on the interpretation of the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice as well as drive European harmonisation with […]

By Aline Lautenberg MedTech Europe, General Counsel - Director Legal & Compliance


Posted on 01.10.2010

Adam Smith, corruption and biases

The 7th European Healthcare Fraud & Corruption Network conference took place in Brussels at the end of September and featured high level speakers and experts. The event proved to be an ideal platform for discussing a number of topics of relevance to all the stakeholders in the healthcare system. The “Conflicts of Interest” session was […]

By Aline Lautenberg MedTech Europe, General Counsel - Director Legal & Compliance

2007-07-19 Mother and daughter

Posted on 21.04.2010

Patient safety and public perception: transparency, transparency, transparency…

Patient safety and public perception: transparency, transparency, transparency…In scanning the disparate output of the EU machine I came across a thought provoking survey of EU citizens on the subject of patient safety. Perception surveys are scientifically questionable as  they deal in the currency of (often poorly informed) individual’s views. Politically and from a policy perspective […]

By John Wilkinson Former Chief Executive of Eucomed

Ethics Global

Posted on 29.03.2010

Is corruption an ethnocentric concept? My first experience as a guest lecturer

Talking about ethics and compliance as industry understands it within the frame of a course of Health Systems Management given at the Public Health School of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) presented itself as a challenge. On the one hand, Eucomed is putting a lot of efforts into promoting a culture of integrity and […]

By Aline Lautenberg MedTech Europe, General Counsel - Director Legal & Compliance


Posted on 20.03.2009

Does Europe believe in patient-centred healthcare or not?

On Thursday 19 March 2009 I joined a round table discussion of Brussels-based think tank ECIPE on the topic “2009 Cross-border Healthcare in Europe and beyond.” I was very impressed with the statements of Robert Madelin, Director General of DG SANCO, which were really sharp and to the point. From his point of view it […]

By Tanja Valentin Director External Affairs, MedTech Europe