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R&I in medtech shaping Europe’s heathcare and economyb
Research & Innovation

Posted on 22.05.2020

Closing the innovation loop: how start-ups can show value

One of my great frustrations is to see start-ups fall at the final hurdle. Too many early-stage companies with promising innovations spend their energy – and funds – answering crucial questions about the safety and effectiveness of their products, only to find that they have no answers to the additional questions asked by payers.   […]

By Furio Gramatica Director of Development & Innovation at Don Gnocchi Foundation


Posted on 25.11.2016

Blurring the lines between man and machine

Professor Kevin Warwick is pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and cyborg technologies How can artificial intelligence (AI ) improve healthcare? AI can be used to learn what is going on in different parts of the body and to predict problems. This gives us the power to prevent problems before they arise or to counteract […]

By Kevin Warwick Emeritus Professor of Cybernetics - University of Reading


Posted on 24.11.2016

Serious gaming can transform medical education

Gaming and simulations can engage surgeons in ways that traditional medical education does not, says Professor Marlies Schijven who has shown the power of play in improving surgical skills. As a surgeon, game developer and app inventor – among other things – she is also on the cutting edge of using wearable technologies in the operating […]

By Marlies Schijven Professor of Surgery & Chair on Simulation, Serious Gaming and Applied Mobile Healthcare, University of Amsterdam

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Posted on 26.08.2015

Peter Helfrich, from Germany, explains how parenteral nutrition does not prevent you to enjoy life!

BVMED, the German national medical devices association, has initiated a campaign to raise awareness about medical devices and empowering patients to be body proud, despite having a medical device. We have translated extracts of Peter’s story as part of European MedTech Week. To view all the stories, click here. Why are you supporting the “Body pride” […]

Who's afraid of the big bad data?
Business Digital

Posted on 08.10.2013

Who’s afraid of the big bad data?

Two years ago in our annual report on the medtech sector, Pulse of the industry, we warned that the sector was facing a perfect storm, caused by a general shift toward value-based care, growing regulatory pressure in the US and limited resources as a result of a global downturn. Those events came to pass, with the added complication of tougher new regulatory issues in Europe. It was time, we felt, in this year’s report to see how the sector is weathering the storm.

By Patrick Flochel EMEIA Life Sciences Leader and Global Pharmaceutical Leader, E&Y

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Digital Value

Posted on 09.11.2012

MedTech Beware: My Next Blood Glucose Monitor will be an iPhone

I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type I in December 1997 at the age of 19. I had just graduated from high school, moved to the city, started university and was in the middle of applying for Harvard and MIT scholarships. I thought personal computers and Microsoft Windows 95 uncool, had gone through my range of Ataris and C64s, and was proud owner of my first Apple Macintosh Performa – 56k modem and all. And my first, brick-like cellphone was soon to be exchanged for Nokia’s 7622, one of the first mobile phones with WAP technology: Internet on the go.

By Bastian Hauck Founder, Adventure Diabetes