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Posted on 29.11.2016

Health in the information age

eHealth technologies are pulling together personal information from diverse sources to ensure a more personalised, informed healthcare service – it’s what patients expect Precision medicine is the use of all available information about a patient to produce the most informed care plan possible. This is often associated with using genetic or other “-omics” information to […]

By Colin Henderson VP EMEA Strategy, Solutions & Partners and GM Emerging Markets - Orion Health


Posted on 22.06.2016

Unlocking the full potential of MedTech

The second European Medtech Week from 13-17 June was a platform actively leveraged by all stakeholders to discuss the potential of MedTech.  Over 100 events took place in 18 European countries as part of MedTech Week, with the medtech industry and our various partners discussing topics that were high on their national agendas. National medtech […]

By Richard Van den Broeck Director UNAMEC, Chair of EDMA’s National Association Forum


Posted on 26.11.2015

My 5 predictions for the medical technology industry in 2016

The year 2016 is just around the corner. While there are still weeks before we say goodbye to 2015, I’m going to write a few thoughts on what I think will be the key themes for the medical technology industry next year.  I did a similar blogpost last year and I’ve done another round for […]

By Serge Bernasconi Chief Executive Officer, MedTech Europe


Posted on 14.11.2014

Diabetes. Learning all sides of the story.

Today is World Diabetes Day. From diagnosis to treatment, check out what’s to know about diabetes and the contributions of medtech in understanding patients and their needs.

Health consumerism

Posted on 17.10.2014

Orange Healthcare’s take on how the consumerisation of care has an impact on the medtech industry

Mobile health solutions for collecting patient data via communicating medical devices are opening new possibilities for remote monitoring and management of individuals suffering from chronic illnesses. At the same time, the ‘quantified self’ has gained increasing mass market appeal through the availability of personal, connected devices that can track human physical activity.  These are resulting […]

By Benjamin Sarda Director of Product Marketing


Posted on 10.09.2014

The Sanofi stance: Diabetes management – taking an integrated diabetes care approach

In their latest study, “Access to Quality Medicines and Medical Devices for Diabetes Care in Europe”, the International Diabetes Federation Europe conducted a survey on the challenges people with diabetes are facing when seeking access to diabetes treatment.
The IDF Europe outlined several of these challenges in the blog post “Improving access to medical technologies for diabetes care in Europe”, including limited access to information and education used for managing the disease. We would like to thank MedTech Europe for giving us this opportunity to share our insights and our approach on the accessibility of medical technology.

By Anton Petkov Associate Vice President, Marketing, Devices and Solutions

cyclists interoperability devices

Posted on 09.07.2014

What a group of cyclists taught us about interoperability and diabetes

In September 2013 I went for a truly inspirational bike trip across 5 countries, covering over 2100 km from Brussels to Barcelona. Many of my fellow cyclists were Type 1 diabetics and the trip was organized to give insight into how issues of interoperability can be resolved.
The fundamental problem facing people with diabetes (PWD) is keeping their Blood Glucose (BG) levels within a normal range. To do this PWD use devices to monitor their BG levels. These devices provide a reading that is then used to make therapeutic decisions such as taking insulin or treating a low reading by eating.

By Ian Hay Head of Emerging Ecosystems

Digital Regulation

Posted on 31.08.2012

Policy and regulation for innovation in mHealth

For the past two years, I have been working with great passion on the subject of mobile health (or mHealth), having set up the global mHealth programme of the GSMA – the organisation that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. I am therefore very pleased that the momentum for mHealth has really been building.

By Jeanine Vos Executive Director, Mobile Health at GSMA